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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Irish results from the 2019 New York City Marathon

The New Cork City Marathon was held last weekend and as always, it attracted a large contingent of Irish runners.

Doing a search for finishers from Cork City resulted in these names...

John Comerford M39 IRL BIB 3271 2:55:02
Jason Crosbie M33 IRL BIB 9525 3:35:53
Shane Kearney M40 IRL BIB 3380 3:36:54
Dean Fitzgerald M29 IRL BIB 28650 3:44:23
Julieanne Buckley F41 IRL 23124 3:46:19
Paul Twomey M38 IRL BIB 27069 3:49:33
Eimear Cotter F35 IRL BIB 35662 4:02:16
Jackie Cavanagh F55 IRL BIB 35699 4:08:20
Michael Keohane M42 IRL BIB 45649 4:11:22
Amelia Shorten F35 IRL BIB 26573 4:24:54
Mary de Barra F50 IRL BIB 43182 4:32:29
Kerry Constant M64 IRL BIB 42140 6:06:24
Conor Cavanagh M58 IRL BIB 61278 7:01:12
Carol Ahern F46 IRL BIB 71846 8:01:08

The Irish results can be seen HERE

Some stats...

a) Over 53,000 people finished the marathon

b) This might be of interest to anyone who ran the Dublin marathon recently. The average finish time in New York was 4h 23m for men and 4h 52m for women.

c) And for a piece of trivia : The oldest female runner who was 89 years old finished in a time of 5h 39m.... almost one hour ahead of the youngest female runner who was 18.

d) The breakdown of the ages is shown below. Notice how there women outnumber men in the 25-29 age category.

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