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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will the Rio Olympics be as dirty as London?

In the run up to the 2012 Olympics in London, much of the publicity and hype was about how it was going to be the cleanest Olympic Games ever. As a constant stream of retests show, it was anything but.

Today, it was the turn of the weightlifters when it was revealed that a huge number of them had been doping in London. In the womens 75kg category, everyone on the podium has failed and it looks as if the person that came 4th may end up getting Gold. In the mens 94kg, a Korean who finished 8th looks like he might get a Bronze medal.

It all points to Rio being no better as various sporting federations fail to tackle doping due to a fear of court cases and compensation.

Gerard Hartmann who is one of Ireland's top physical therapists said the following in the Irish Times this morning...“I know I can look at the Irish team in Rio and genuinely believe every single one of them are clean, that there’s no questions to be asked about any of them, with regard to performance enhancing drugs. But unfortunately for them, many of them will end competing against athletes we know have taken drugs in the past, and quite possibly still are.”

It all points to an uncertain future for the Olympic movement as they lose credibility. It was revealed today in an article in the Guardian that more and more cities are refusing to bid for the Games.


Anonymous said...

Hartmann was on the radio a number of years ago arguing firmly that lance Armstrong was clean and that Walsh, Kimmage and the rest were wrong. A short time later Armstrong admits the truth. The reality is that most successful athletes are treading a fine line between sport science and doping. There isn't much to separTe them the likes of mo farah can still associate with Salazar is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Olympics no longer credible. Most people know that.All elite athletes now under suspicion no matter what country they are from including our own.All countries probably think their athletes are clean and that its other countries that are doping.Cheats only now getting caught for 2008 games, and London 2012 probably dirtiest ever.Says it all when fewer countries now bidding for future games.

Anonymous said...

Hartman probably good at his job,but surely he can,t be that unaware of whats going on? Everyone knows doping is widespread,fully agree with last poster that there is a very thin line between sports science and doping.Kimmage needs to get involved here to see the extent of the cheating (which is probably huge).

Aidan said...

Maybe I just don't understand how the system works but why is it taking so long to test people or get test results?

If all winners were tested immediately wouldn't that root it out? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Maybe powers that be are afraid of what will come out, even though the public well aware of whats going on

Anonymous said...

They clean it up by banning Russia, typical political bias deflecting from the real cheats USA, Britain, and the Africans who have ruined the sport by setting unrealistic times and qualification standards that real runners can't achieve. Ruined the whole sport, creating a whole general sense of apathy to it, no-one is interested in it anymore it's a dying sport. Seb Coe is some hypocritic joke compromised by a whole legacy of dirty medals in his country.

Anonymous said...

Good and valid points there by last poster.Rather go to a local road race where real runners are than watch olympics. Definetly agree with point about African runners with their crazy times, its just not real and everyone now knows it. Not just Africans though Americans and Europeans also guilty. Opening ceremony best part of the games.