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Friday, July 22, 2016

Video from Electric Ireland on 80 year old marathon runners Joe & Kay O'Regan

In June of 2016, Joe and Kay O'Regan from Co.Wexford who are both 80 years old completed the Cork City Marathon. They finished the 26.2 mile event together just like they did when they ran their first marathon in London back in 1986...30 years earlier.

To mark their achievement, Electric Ireland have put together the following piece.....

Be Inspired to find The Power Within // Cork octogenarian couple use The Power Within to complete 142 marathons

Only 0.0001% of the world’s population get to call themselves an Olympian, a very small group of extraordinary people whose unwavering self belief propels them to do extraordinary things. As part of its sponsorship of Team Ireland for the Rio Olympic Games, Electric Ireland has been shining a light on our Olympians and how they use their own mental strength and The Power Within to achieve their dreams. Electric Ireland wants to inspire the Irish public with these athletes’ powerful stories and encourage people to look within themselves to realise that we can all unlock the Power Within.

Although they may not be Olympic athletes, Joe and Kay O’Regan from Wexford are proof that the power is within all of us to achieve great things. The eighty year old couple ran their first marathon when they were 50, when most people are giving up running. 30 years and 142 marathons later, they finished their last marathon in June, in Cork, hand in hand. Their determination and strength of spirit is inspiring in equal measure.

The O’Regan’s have teamed up with Electric Ireland to share their amazing story of mental resilience and fortitude.

Speaking about what they believe The Power Within means, Kay and Joe O’Regan said, “People thought we were mad, that you don’t start running at 50, but the longest journey starts with the first step and if we can do it anyone can. The Power Within is about looking inside yourself and having belief in the things you can achieve.”

Watch the O’Regan’s amazing journey...

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