Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Ballydesmond 1 mile road race...Wed 20th July 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Results of the Ballydesmond 1 mile road race...Wed 20th July 2016

This new one mile race was held in Ballydesmond in NW Cork on Wednesday the 20th of July and attracted a field of 62. This was the 4th race of 5 in the ongoing One Mile Series organised by Gneeveguilla AC.

1 608 John Barrett O/50M Gneeveguilla AC 4:39
2 605 Robert Purcell Snr O/45M Gneeveguilla AC 4:41
3 805 Mathew Collins SnrM Gneeveguilla AC 4:45
13 610 Siobhan Daly Snr/F Gneeveguilla AC 5:21
15 650 Caroline McCarthy O/45F Unattached 5:31
20 667 Caroline Murphy O/50F Gneeveguilla AC 5:42

The full results can be seen HERE



Anonymous said...

Surely this course is short going by the times. 4.41 at 50? Doubt it.

John Desmond said...

John Barrett wouldn't be your average 50 year old. He finishes near the top in a lot of races in Kerry.

Siobhán Barrett said...

Dear "anonymous"

Keyboard warriors like you really do annoy me.

John Barrett and Robert Purcell are some of the top vets in Munster and are admired and praised by so many people because of the times they do.

So besides looking for reasons and faults why they couldn't run these times why wouldn't you just say well done, great running....and why they do this....because they train so hard,push eachother on the roads and just love running.

Show some support!

Siobhán Barrett
(John's daughter)