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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Note from Cork County Council on Race Flyers and Littering

Someone in Cork County Council sent on a notice to me recently about race flyers and littering. It's actually an offence to leave race flyers on the windscreens of cars as it counts as littering. The owner of the car didn't ask for the leaflet and they are given it without any say in the matter.

For some race organisers, this is an ongoing problem. If a farmers field is used as a car park then the litter including discarded flyers must be picked up afterwards. In other cases, it leads to litter in residential areas which can lead to problems as some races are dependent on the goodwill of the local community.

From what I understand, there is nothing wrong with handing out flyers to someone in person say at the race HQ or finish line. They are accepting the flyer and it is up to them to dispose of it properly. It can however lead to some local littering so it's best to clear it with the race organiser to see how they feel about it.

The Council would just like to get the word out there and have event organisers comply rather than having to take action.

Here is their statement........Cork County Council would like to draw race organisers and club committees’ attention to the following:

The placing of leaflets on vehicles, such as under wipers, is prohibited under the Litter Pollution Act 1997. This can attract a spot fine of €150, or, potentially, prosecution in the courts.

Cork County Council does not wish to be in a position of issuing penalties to small athletic clubs, community organisations or local concerns. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could draw relevant people’s attention to this.

If clubs or committees should have difficulty in getting third parties to comply with this, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Environment Directorate in Inniscarra and we will offer appropriate assistance.

Cork County Council,
Environment Directorate,
County Cork.
Tel: (021) 4532700

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