Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Una Plant from Cork finishes 2nd F45 at New York Marathon with 2:56 time

Monday, November 02, 2015

Una Plant from Cork finishes 2nd F45 at New York Marathon with 2:56 time

The big international race over the weekend was of course the New York City Marathon. With some 50,000 people taking part, it is one of the biggest marathons in the world. As per usual, there was a big contingent of Irish runners present with 452 making the journey.

One exceptional result was that of Una Plant from Kinsale in Cork. Una posted a finishing time of 2h 56m 54s which earned her the 2nd F45 spot in one of the world's major marathons.

Una who is a member of Kinsale Tri Club has been running a good few years but only started training seriously for the marathon more recently. In Dublin in 2013, she ran 3h 25m and posted 3h 04m in New York last year.

Just to put Una's new time in perspective in terms of the recent Dublin Marathon, it would have been just outside 3rd place in the national championships and faster than Sonia O'Sullivan's time to take the F45 Gold.

Una is now targeting the Boston Marathon in April 2016.


Keith S said...

Noting another Irish lady Margaret McMahon (49 yrs. old) beat her by 20 seconds for F45 first position John.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know was Irish runner Margaret McMahon actually born in Ireland or was she born in the US and declared for Ireland?

John Desmond said...

In the results, there are quite a number listed under 'Ireland' and are from states in the US. It's likely they are Irish people who emigrated to the US and are now living there. That may well be the case with Margaret McMahon.

The only people 'declaring for Ireland' are those representing the country in terms of international competitions.

Anonymous said...

She sure ran a good time for her age, maybe she does want to compete for Ireland in masters competitions.