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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Runners complete 17 mile half-marathon after course mistake

At the Bangkok Half-Marathon last weekend, runners got more than they bargained for when a mistake by a race official added 4 miles to the 13.1 mile course.

Organised by the Jogging Association of Thailand, this 17 mile 'ultra' half-marathon "admitted that a technical error happened during the half-marathon event".They said that race officials responsible for pointing runners in the right direction inadvertently directed them to make a U-turn at the wrong place.

The Athletic Association of Thailand, which oversees athletic events in the country said...“It added more than 3km [1.8 miles] to each lap, therefore more than 6km were added to the whole half-marathon. We have rebuked the association but we could not do anything else.”
The event’s Facebook page was filled with comments afterwards from runners who described the error as “ridiculous”, a “massive miscalculation” and “incredibly dangerous” for runners who had trained to run just 13 miles.

Others joked...“Hey, they increased the price this year, so you get more kilometres for your money.”


Anonymous said...

No PB's that day :)

Anonymous said...

Yet we still hear grumbles from runners when a locally run or bhaa event has the slightest 'fault' in their opinion. Perhaps a chance to appreciate how lucky we are to have as many well run and good value local events. Sorry about that just had to vent. . . .