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Friday, November 27, 2015

New 5k parkrun to start in Limerick on Sat 12th Dec 2015

It was recently announced that a new 5k parkrun will be starting in Limerick on Saturday the 12th of December 2015. As you can see from the map below, this will be the ninth parkrun to start up in Munster.

The Limerick parkrun will take place every Saturday morning at 9:30am at the University of Limerick Rowing Club on the grounds of UL. More info on the event website.

I wonder if there are any more in the pipeline? There are talks of one in Glengarrif in West Cork. An obvious place for one might be in Waterford City? As can be seen from the map above, there is an obvious gap stretching from North Kerry across to Waterford.


Anonymous said...

y not doneraile park??

Anonymous said...

doneraile park is making plenty of dough from all those 5k races held there, they ain't going to kill the fattened calf

Anonymous said...

The 5k races held in Doneraile Park are important fundraisers for local clubs, schools and charities. A Parkrun there would have a serious effect on these, not to mention Parkrun is private company making money from government funding

Anonymous said...

Do you expect the private company to supply all the equipment for free?? It's run by volunteers, gets people active and costs runners nothing.

It's ideal for people starting off and some of them then end up taking part in other races. It's one of the most positive things to happen in running in years.

Unknown said...

It's worth finding out about parkrun before posting comments like the one above. parkrun (small "p") is entirely free, not-for-profit. Events are supported by parkrun but run entirely by local volunteers. It's free to enter, and evidence from the U.K. and other countries suggests strongly that having a parkrun in a community increases rather than decreases membership of local running clubs and entries into paid races.
parkrun is aimed at runners, walkers and joggers of all shapes and sizes.
Before posting disparaging comments, sign up and go along to your nearest parkrun and see what a positive effect it can have on a community!

Unknown said...

Hi there.
Did the event on the 12 actually take place?I can't see its results on the website.
I'd like to attend the sat 19th event,if it's actually up and running.
Any Facebook link, no?
Fair play people.
Tossie,from Cappamore.

John Desmond said...

Tossie, the 12th is tomorrow.

CANCELLATION: Limerick parkrun
Unfortunately due to health and safety concerns with ongoing flooding on our parkrun route I have to cancel our parkrun on Saturday.

Even if the water subsides it will not drop sufficiently to clear the pathway and make it safe for runners / walkers.

I know this is disappointing for everyone but we have to consider the safety of all involved.

Please help share with your friends so we don't have people travelling unnecessarily. Stay tuned for further updates.

Deirdre O'Brien
Limerick parkrun Event Director

I'd guess it is on a week by week basis but I'd guess the water levels in the Shannon will need to drop first.

Anonymous said...

I got a little over excited. Perhaps next week then