Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Run in the Dark 5k & 10k in Cork...Wed 11th Nov 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Results & Photos of the Run in the Dark 5k & 10k in Cork...Wed 11th Nov 2015

The annual Run in the Dark charity 5k & 10k was held in Cork City on Wednesday the 11th of November and attracted a huge field of over 2100 runners and walkers.

1 Geoffrey CASEY    00:18:16    Male
2 Sean MURPHY     00:16:31    Male
3 Michael MURPHY    00:19:03    Male
4 John MORRIN    00:19:52    Male
5 John RAMSAY    00:19:38    Male
1 Aoife MCCARTHY    00:19:20    Female
2 Ann GEARY    00:20:36    Female
3 Clodagh MCMORROW    00:21:16    Female
4 Marie CONDON    00:22:06    Female
5 Louise LONG    00:22:11    Female 

The 5km results can be seen HERE

1 Daniel FIELDHOUSE    00:37:20    Male
2 Tim CROWLEY    00:37:36    Male
3 Jerry WALSH    00:37:47    Male
4 David HANLON    00:38:40    Male
5 Micheal MCGRATH    00:38:52    Male
1 Mary KELLEHER    00:41:31    Female
2 Ali O'CONNOR    00:42:03    Female
3 Suzanne HURLEY    00:39:37    Female
4 Elizabeth ROSS    00:40:34    Female
5 Dolores DUFFY    00:43:03    Female 

The 10km results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE
2) The organisers have a gallery of photos HERE


Anonymous said...

They really need to look at changing the route again, maybe to one 5k loop, it's just too dangerous when trying to make ur way through the crowds when your on ur second lap, won't be doing it again,

Damian Kenneally said...

Hi John, it would seem the results are all over the place, my time isn't shown up and I'm pretty sure I finished 4th in the 5k,

Anonymous said...

Didn't run this year after running it the previous 2 years for the exact reasons mentioned in the first two comments. It's far too dangerous (and slows you up) due to the lapped system and over taking and the results are all over the place with people knocking in after the wrong amount of laps.
They really need to look at changing the route. The crowd wont reduce by changing to a more sensible course but might cause some extra traffic issues.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed the run, did the 10k this year after 5k last year. There were a few problems from last year improved this year - starting on the wider street (although would have been better having a wider start line so we didn't have the funneling effect), and the walker lanes on Maylor street. Actually that alone made it more likely to hit bollards/poles in the street which was good.
A couple of suggestions I'd have:
- move slower runners to the back, like you have with a lot of the runs during the year & the Cork city marathon. If your time is going to be slower than X minutes go behind this line kinda idea. Seemed to be a lot of slow runners near the front which really didn't help congestion issues.
- was down the field a bit starting, and couldn't hear what the guy with loud speaker was doing or saying. A few more speakers for the big crowd would be good
- parking was difficult, even well away from the route. I wonder could a deal be done with some of the multi-stories for a discount for the few hours or something like that. Maybe even get park & ride running before & after.
- possibly stagger the start times of the 5k & 10k runs, even if it's 10 or 15 minutes, give the first group a chance to thin out before adding to it with the 2nd group. Should ease congestion some bit

Good to see it was improved upon from last year though with the few changes in the route & walker lanes. Next year again!

Anonymous said...

Its a run, not a race in my eyes. Too many risk factors for racing in which you could pick up an injury and potentially ruin your winter training or racing. I raced it previous years but now just run it with friends.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am really confused by people and their foolishness. Every year they come on here or some other forum moaning about this race and every year they are told (by people who are experienced in Athletics) that this is not going to be a well run race.
This first objective of this race is to take money from you. Its a mass participation event designed to raise a lot of money in a short space of time (albeit for a charity). And it does this very well. People sign up to this event in their droves even considering that it is one of the most expensive races around (5k or 10K). There are 5k 4m, 5m and 10k races run all around Cork practically every weekend yet for a fraction of the price (or even free) yet none of the above will take part in them. These are proper run and organised races with none of the cock-ups that RITD has. Yet people complain and act as if this is the only place where they can run a race for the whole year. Seriously open your eyes.

I guess RITD is good at attracting fun runner/walkers who just want the fanfare so they can boast to their friends/colleagues. Most of the serious runners stay well away from this race for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is...a fundraising charity event. The vast majority of those taking part enjoyed it. There are plenty of those 'experienced in athletics' taking part in other events where the proceeds goes into someones back pocket.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the 1st 4 ladies in the 5k race was a lady. Some people did 1 lap for the 5k and others did 2-3 for the 10k. Some peoples times were taken from the mat that was on Finns corner. It a bit of a monkey mouse run so I won't be doing it again.

Unknown said...

Does anyone else feel that the slap-dash nature of the organisation of the Run in the Dark series does absolutely no favours to the very good cause that is the Mark Polllock Trust. I ran in the pop-up run in Mallow and it was fairly hit snd mis, with the route going down a totally unsuitable narrow lane beside Tesco, through their busy car park, and down a short flight of steps. Totally unsuitable and somewhat unsafe, I thought. No race numbers or timings either. I know it's a great cause but for €25, surely it could be run slightly differently.
Or is that just being too harsh ?

Anonymous said...

what about running down around the marina or out the western road doing a loop. Did not do it this year too congested .The pieta house run was out western road and up sundays well but at least the road was wide enough. I know that run was at 4.10 in the morning but maybe change the run in the dark time to something like that. 1 lap for the 5k and 2 laps for the 10k. just an idea. And yes there was about the same numbers running/walking for pieta house as with run in the dark.

Anonymous said...

As an avid runner who trains with a running club I do know that most of my club mates stay well clear of this event.It is a Fun run not a race.It really annoys me when you see people on here moaning about stupid things like the course,parking and times.People should know that's the way it is always going to be.The same people who moan wouldn't be seen at a bhaa event which is a fraction of the cost and run like clockwork.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit silly to compare it to a bhaa race. The run in the dark had 2000 in it, the average bhaa race is two to three hundred. If there were 2000 in a bhaa race on narrow city streets then your clockwork would go out the window. It's a charity event that raises funds and people have a good time on the streets of cork city.

Anonymous said...

it is a fun run, i attend all BHAA races and that's what they are RACES, i did the run in the dark this year as my place of work subsidized the entry via our sports and social club but i knew what i was getting into,and as said above,it was for charity...just to add..if the BHAA knew in advance that there would be 2000 runners they would pick a course that's suitable for racing !!

livedadream said...

i do agree with what many are saying in regards to the race and its organisation, north main street is just plain dangerous for running and yes while im not a competitive runner there is nothing worse than feeling like your in the way, we all love running some for the times and medals, some for the health benefits, however the more serious runners should bare in mind they dont own the road or have a god given right to run though slower runners of walkers.
spacing out the times would be really good and having some system for the laps would be really good.
wont be running it again but it was a good experience of a night run with loads of people.

Aaron said...

Most of the issues surrounding this "race" could easily be sorted if they just let people out in small waves. I felt it was the bottle necks at Grand Parade and along the quays were the worst, to many people hitting them at the same time creating a wall of people, this has nothing to do with slower runners or walkers, it's a volume thing. Once people get spread out it was fine, so why no spread them out from the start?