Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cloyne Commons 4k race...Sun 22nd Nov 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Results of the Cloyne Commons 4k race...Sun 22nd Nov 2015

A total of 243 runners took part in this 4km race in Cloyne on Sun 22nd Nov 2015.

1 13:27    SHEEHAN, Nigel    Youghal AC    M    05:24.6
2 14:00    HARTY, Brian    Midleton AC    M    05:37.8
3 14:13    CROWLEY, Bryan    Watergrasshill AC    M40    05:43.1
27 16:22    LEAHY, Eileen    Midleton AC    F    06:35.0
39 17:04    O'DONNELL, Claire    unatt/Cork    F    06:51.9
52 17:55    FOUHY, Aoife    Midleton AC    F    07:12.4 

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

That is some turn out for a 4KM on a Sunday morning.. Well done to the organisers .. great fast race..

Anonymous said...

Excellent event , well marshalled, great crowd. Roll on round two of five next month. ��

Anonymous said...

Just curious why the names of some of the clubs are not listed next to the runners names.. Lots of different clubs took part..!!

John Desmond said...

Ballycotton Running Promotions (who produced the results) have a policy of only including Athletics Ireland affiliated clubs in results – this is a standard procedure in all of their events.

If the name of any such club in the Cloyne results was inadvertently omitted from the person’s name, please notify the contact number on the Cloyne Community Council Facebook page and it will be rectified for the next race.

Anonymous said...

It was advertised as a 4K challenge for Cloyne Community Council and had no prizes... Why the need then to only include the "Affliated Clubs". It wasn't a Championship race.
I wonder what is behind that policy..??

Anonymous said...

There IS no policy.
Ballycotton Running Promotions just include AI affiliated clubs in taking entries and seeing as the Cloyne 4K series has a AI permit, the organisers are going by AI rules & regulations. Nothing more than that!

SeanO said...

Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one

Donie said...
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John Desmond said...

Donie, just a quick viewpoint for the other side of the entry desk.

For races like Cloyne, the vast majority of runners will turn up on the day and enter about 10 to 40 minutes before the race. If there are say 200-300 people then that's a bottleneck that needs to be managed. The priority is to get the minimum amount of information needed in the shortest possible time.

They will look for gender, name, they know what category you're in, and club if any so you could for team prizes. Even if there are no prizes on the day, it's handy to get your club as you'll be added to the database so that they'll have all your details for future races.

I know it would be nice to have your town included but that is something that must be written down and typed into the computer. It sounds small but when you have to do it for say 150 people and there is a queue out the door, it's a different story.

It really is all about streamlining the process as much as possible so that people can enter and get out to the start line.

The results that Ballycotton Running Promotions generate are some of the best around. People pay a lot more for other events with chip timing and there is no mention of clubs let alone towns.

Donie said...

Fair comment, John. Point accepted. Thanks for the reply.