Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Cork BHAA HSE 4 mile road race...Sun 1st Nov 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Results & photos of the Cork BHAA HSE 4 mile road race...Sun 1st Nov 2015

The annual Cork BHAA HSE 4 mile road race was held on Sunday the 1st of November on the Marina/Centre Park Rd circuit. There was however a big drop in numbers this year with 186 taking part. For most road races, that might be a good number but you'd expect a bigger turnout for a BHAA race.

 As you can see from the chart about, it's the lowest number in about a decade.

The question is why? A drop of 5-10% is one thing but a drop of 29% is something else. The weather was overcast but fine for a road race. The county Masters Cross Country was on the same day so perhaps that had an impact but then again, last year it clashed with the Senior Cross Country. Is the new parkrun in the city having on impact on race numbers? I'm not sure what the reason is but it's still a suprise.

1    Eric Curran        M1    00:19:49    UCC STUDENT
2    Tim O'Donoghue        M2    00:20:03    EMC
3    Danny Smith        M3    00:21:27    Team Adidas
37    Ciara Murphy            00:26:37    Temp Reg   
56    Ann Bamford            00:28:06    Temp Reg   
62    Adelle O'Connor    0/40I    F1    00:28:27    O'Connor Hc

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE



Anonymous said...

There are too many races.Halloween probably didn't help, but people can't take part in races every week, never mind more than once a week.

Gus Keohane said...

I think u will see a drop in BHAA races at weekends due the new park runs not so much with the top runners but with the beginners

Anonymous said...

i dont agree. There are plenty races, and that gives runners plenty choice.
Some like to run once per week, some more. Its a buyers market !

John Dunphy said...

Uh Regardless of numbers, todays event was superb, decent prizes and spots and very well organised, BHAA are by far the best for local events at low cost entry fees.Parkrun is great, I have 64 done to date but I wouldn't miss a BHAA event for one to be honest, no comparison nothing like a proper road race.Well done to Kevin Cummins and crew and to Jimmy Murray.

Keith S said...

Dublin marathon recovery also a factor, good point re the park runs though also John

Anonymous said...

It was my 1st time doing this race and I did enjoy it. I also do the park runs on Saturday. So I don't think there is too many races. As previous posters said pick and choose the one you want to do. Its nice to have a few Sunday morning races to do. Well done to all doing it and to the marshals . Last 200 meters were a bit dodgy road uneven but the tea and biccies were lovely.