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Thursday, October 08, 2015

No sports grants for athletic clubs in Cork in 2015

The Sports Capital Programme (SCP) is operated by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and provides grants to assist in the development of sports facilities and the provision of sports equipment.

Back in July of 2014, I had a post up about how only €800 out of €4.2 million in sports grants in Cork went to athletics. That €800 in question went to Ballymore Cobh AC.

The latest figures for the 2015 grants have just been released and not one athletic club in Cork received a grant. This is in spite of the fact that 4.5 million Euro went to other sports in Cork.

In previous posts, some people have pointed out that a lot of athletic clubs don't have their own facilities and can't avail of these grants and that's a very valid point. However, plenty of other athletic clubs elsewhere in the country as you can see from the list below managed to get substantial grants.

According to the Athletics Ireland website, there are over 40 clubs in Cork. It's hard to believe that at least one athletic club in the county couldn't have applied for and benefited from a grant.

Carlow... Ardattin Athletic Club €14,000
Clare... Derg AC €10,000
Clare... Tulla Athletic Club €110,000
Galway... Craughwell Athletic Club €100,
Kerry... Tralee Harriers Athletic Club €44,000
Kildare... Celbridge Athletic Club €14,721
Kilkenny... St Senans Athletic Club €6,939
Kilkenny... Tullaroan Athletics Club €20,737
Meath... Boyne AC €9,000
Laois...Oughaval Athletic Club €20,000
Limerick... Dooneen Athletic Club €15,000
Sligo... North Sligo Athletics Club €8,000
Sligo... Sligo County Athletics €7,000
Tipperary... Newport Athletic Club €6,000
Westmeath...Mullingar Harriers Athletic Club €35,000
Wexford... Adamstown Athletic Club €12,000
Wexford...Craanford Harriers Athletic Club €4,000
Wexford...D.M.P Athletics Club €80,000
Wexford...Menapians Athletic Club €14,000

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200k for Lucan Harriers track upgrade as well, not sure why it isn't in the document: