Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Tramore Valley Park 5k parkrun...Sat 24th Oct 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Results & photos of the Tramore Valley Park 5k parkrun...Sat 24th Oct 2015

The number were up a bit this week with 200 taking part in the 5km parkrun in the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City. It really was a beautiful morning with blue skies and sunshine.

1    Shane SIMCOX    17:08    VM40-44    M    1
2    Kevin BARRY    18:08    SM30-34    M    2    Leevale AC
3    Brian LINEHAN    18:44    VM50-54    M    3
26    Louise KEANE    22:12    SW30-34 F    1
30    Caoimhe DOYLE    22:26    SW30-34    F    2   
31    Deirdre O'CALLAGHAN    22:42    VW45-49    F    3    Eagle A.C. 

The full results can be found HERE

1) There are 200+ photos HERE

Tramore Valley Park update.....The last time I was in the park at the start of October, I walked the perimeter of the park along the route of the parkrun. This time around, I took some photos from the highest spot in the park. Although it's not that high, a lot of the usual landmarks around Cork City can be picked out from there. There is a small gallery HERE

As with my previous visit, there is no smell or even a hint that it was the old city dump. The grass was ankle high and no really suitable for running or walking on. While there is a gravel path around the perimeter of the site, it really needs more elevated paths for walkers and runners. With maybe some shrubs on the lower slopes and grass further up, it should be a pretty nice park in years to come.

The one thing though that is ever present is the sound of the South Ring Road. Even though it is now mostly hidden behind tress, it is very noticeable.

I heard that the park is supposed to be open in the Spring / Summer of 2016.


Anonymous said...

Another good run this morning. Well done all.

Unknown said...

According to plans that my extremely busy local politician have been keeping us updated regarding Tramore Valley, They hope to open 1st phases early spring. It could do with been prettied up but I think its all included in plans going forward.Lets hope it happens. Yes the gravel paths are a bit uneven and the link road is nearby but to be honest you don't take too much notice of it, Fingers crossed it will happen starting Spring 2016.Its a great amenity to have and talking to people this morning they are delighted to have the chance to use the facilities.

Burnsy said...

This is where we need mass support behind TVP - it's a shot in the arm for the Cork region, we have been crying out for decades to have a park of this Scale. We lag terribly behind the likes of Dublin, London when it comes to provision of parks. TVP isn't perfect to start with but it is certainly a case of onwards and upwards - the TVP will be a breeding ground for developing excellent runners (and quality of life) for generations to come!