Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 4th Oct 2015

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Results & Photos of the BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 4th Oct 2015

A total of 696 runners turned out for this years BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race, a drop of 6.5% on last year.

As to why the drop? Maybe it was down to the price increase of €5 this year? Maybe the fact it was 3 weeks out from the Dublin Marathon as opposed to 4 weeks last year? It's hard to say. As the chart shows above, the numbers running sub 9 min per mile pace held up while the main drop was in those running over 9 min per mile pace. As for why???

Conditions for the race were pretty ok. Mainly overcast but the strong easterly headwind made things a bit difficult earlier on.

1 David Mansfield M1 01:21:10 CLONMEL CO. TIPP.
2 COLIN MERRITT 0/40A M2 01:22:45 Army M-B-2
3 John Meade M3 01:23:39 Joyce Wolfe Physio
35 Ann Marie Holland 0/40I F1 01:37:59 Janssen
39 Una Plant 0/45J F2 01:38:32 Kinsale
89 Mary Sweeney 0/55L F301:45:26 Fit4Life F-A-1

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated Mon 5pm)
1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE
2) There are 300+ photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
3) Paul Condon Photography has a gallery HERE
4) Susan Parker Laste has a gallery HERE
5) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE
6) Andy O'Rourke Photography has some in his Facebook page's timeline but not in an album. Click HERE
7) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE


Unknown said...

Another excellent Race under the BHAA package..Well done.

Unknown said...

Thanks to bhaa and volunteers for giving up their time to run a great event. And to Kieran minihane for the pics to prove to the Mrs that I was actually running😊😊

Unknown said...

I think I know what the answer is here but.... Cups!!!! In fairness at least offer bottles at the 8 mile water station. They couldn't be harder to clean up than polystyrene cups. It's a disaster for actual runners. The people who are paying to enter. I'd sacrifice the bottle at the end and swap it for the cups at 8 miles. Brilliant race as ever otherwise. Great value for money and always a great crowd in Cobh to welcome us in. A great leveller for Dublin.

Anonymous said...

Agree with that statement. Bottles at 8mile a must. Practically ran it without getting any water on board!

Anonymous said...

Great race but Large t-shirts for all male runners! This probably suited about 5% of men. Small gripe but nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Great race and well run. Can't complain for €15. If people want water they can bring it with them. But a belt that holds water and no problem. It was clearly stated before the race that it would be cups. Help cut down on the litter. If it was bottles people would carry them for a while and then throw them in a ditch somewhere. Also a disgrace the number of people I saw throwing empty gel packets on the road. Just old on to it until the next water stop.

Well done to BHAA. I'll be back next year

Anonymous said...

Bottles would be a lot better than cups. However, I decided to run this as part of my last long run before Dublin, so I wasn't that worried about time. I slowed down to fast walk at each water station and drained the cup - it took about 5 seconds max, which I managed to gain elsewhere and is a strategy I might use again even if there are bottles on offer. How much time do you loose at the end of a race due to not taking on sufficient water? More than 15 seconds I'd say.
Also I think the fact that the race was three weeks out from Dublin and not four like last year probably did have a part to play in the drop in numbers - I did consider not doing this for the same reason. You also have the Cork City 10 mile and Charleville Half run in recent weeks, which were better placed (in my opinion) as a good test of fitness before Dublin.
Now, if only the good people of Cobh could install some class of cable car or stair lift to get us up the hill to the community centre after the race! The most daunting part of the day. (Only joking).

Anonymous said...

On the litter comment above, I was watching the race go by, and spotted numerous runners throwing their gel wrappers on the ground or into the ditch. I took the dog for a walk along the race route later, as was dismayed to see more gels and bottles littering the course.
It really isn't too difficult to put the gel wrapper back in your pocket, or hang on to it until you pass a water station or bin.
Please don't leave it to the volunteers (or residents on the route) to collect your rubbish.

John Desmond said...

The problem with plastic bottles is that they end up being discarded everywhere. The section of road between Fota Island Resort and the car ferry isn't safe to walk on let alone have volunteers out there picking up bottles.

I know the cups are difficult to drink out of but at least they get discarded within 200m of the water stations.

IACAN said...

Whatever about rubbish or anything else the cups were and always have been a total disaster and the cracked and broken cups along the road were a lot harder to pick up, some races have small barrels spaced at intervals away from each water station and runners on a whole are quite good at placing bottles in these also if the roads are considered safe for 700 to run on they should be safe enough for volunteers in yellow jackets to pick up cups/bottles, if the last two stations were relocated to wider sections of the road perhaps a little before or after the 8 /12 mile mark all safety issues would be solved, still plaudits to the BHAA for another super fixture, roll on to the HSE 4 in a months time.

John Desmond said...

The problem is that the volunteers would be picking up bottles long after the runners have passed. It might not be obvious to most runners but once the bulk of the field has passed through, the Gardai have gone and the roads are re-opened. There was a fair bit of traffic going past the slow runners at the back on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Great event. Looking forward to next year already.... Especially with the bottles.
Great refreshments after.
Wondering if times were about 15 seconds off. I was in the last 100 and know my clock time.
Also would there be more runners albeit slower runners if there wasn't a 3 hour cut off time.

Ian said...

When I got to the first water station and saw cups I said to the Kevin who was running next to me that "someone would complain... again...about cups"

If you want a bottle, bring your bloody own.

A super event as always. Thanks to all involved.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think there'll always be complaints, no matter what way an event is organised. As far as the cups are concerned it didn't seem to hurt the lads who ran Berlin last week and qualified for Rio or the hundreds of thousands who run road races in the US. I do have a suggestion though (not a complaint - just trying to be constructive). Perhaps paper cups would be better than the polystyrene - they don't crack, they are a bit heavier so don't get blown about by the wind as much when discarded. You can also pinch the top of them together to make it easier to drink out of when running. Great event by the way and a big thanks to all the BHAA volunteers who gave up their free time to put this race on.

Anonymous said...

Killarney adventure race was on the same weekend. 2500 ppl did that and quite a few would do both events if possible.

Anonymous said...

Great event,my first time doing it and would definately recommend it to my running mates.
A big thank you to Mick who sorted me out prior to the race.
Also a huge thanks to all the volunteers who gave up there time to help out.
What great value also.