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Friday, October 23, 2015

Looking ahead to the 2015 Dublin City Marathon...

The big race nationally this weekend is of course the 2015 Dublin City Marathon next  Monday. Based on the number of club runners, I'd guess there must be somewhere near 800 runners from Cork are making the journey to Dublin.

Elites and Sub 3.50 start at 9.00am, 3.50 to 4.15 start at 9.10am, rest of the competitors start at 9.20am. The race has a cut off of 7 Hours. There are 10 water stations on the route,water will be 250ml plastic bottles. Lucozade will be available at 4 areas on the route in 380Ml Plastic bottles. High5 will be available at 2 stations.

There are minor  changes to the route from last year,at approx 2 miles the race cuts across the Quays and proceeds through Stoneybatter and enters the Phoenix Park through the North Circular Road gate unlike last year when it it went through the Main Gate. As you approach the finish the race take a more direct route to finish at Merrion Square.

There will be pacers for the following times: 3.00, 3.10, 3.20, 3.30, 3.40, 3.50, 4.00, 4.10, 4:20, 4.30 4:40, 4:50 and 5.00.

Peak finishing time is expected around the four hour mark when around 300 runners will cross the finish line per minute.

From a weather point of view, it is expected to be dry with rain arriving later in the day. There is however a strong southerly breeze which might make things a bit difficult in exposed areas.

This is the profile of the route. Note the early hills. For anyone doing their first marathon, the best advice is to pick a conservative target and then run close to even splits. The most common mistake by far is that people run too fast early on. For the first 10 miles, you should find the pace very comfortable. If you're beginning to struggle at mile 10 then you're going way too fast. An easy pace early on will pay dividends at the end of the race.


Anonymous said...

Is there a changing area post race and do they have showers

John Desmond said...

With that many people, there is no changing area. Just bring a tracksuit/jacket to keep warm after the race.