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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Results of the Great Railway Run 25k, 10k & 5k...Sun 19th Apr 2015

The 2015 Great Railway Run attracted almost 600 runners this year. There was 247 in the 25k from Cork to Carrigaline, 237 in the 10k from Monkstown to Carrigaline and 100 in the 5k from Shanbally to Carrigaline.

First 3 men in the Great Railway Run 25k from Cork City to Carrigaline...L-R Brian Murphy 1st, Alex O'Shea 2nd & Eric Browne 3rd. Photo : Doug Minihane

1    Brian Murphy 1:28:43    Open  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Alex O'SHEA 1:32:08    Ages 40-49  (1)    Male  (2)
3    Eric BROWNE  1:36:44    Open  (2)    Male  (3)
12    Nollaigh O'NEILL  1:42:39  Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (1)
14    Laoise NI THUAMA  1:43:41  Open  (1)    Female  (2)
29    Mary SWEENEY (249)    01:49:49    01:49:49    Ages 50-59  (1)    Female  (3)

1    James GRUFFERTY (580)    00:34:30    Open  (1)    Male  (1)
2    John O'Callaghan (763)    00:38:16    Ages 40-49  (1)    Male  (2)
3    Garrett CASEY (534)    00:38:27    Ages 40-49  (2)    Male  (3)
6    Grainne Odonnell (748)    00:40:45    Open  (1)    Female  (1)
15    Laura O' CALLAGHAN (669)    00:44:27    Open  (2)    Female  (2)
16    Stephanie Johnson (759)    00:44:39    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (3)

1    Shane HEALY (1053)    00:16:35    All Ages  (1)    Male  (1)
2    John DURCAN (1043)    00:16:52    All Ages  (2)    Male  (2)
3    Paul Duggan (1112)    00:17:34    All Ages  (3)    Male  (3)
10    Claire O DONNELL (1083)    00:20:41    All Ages  (1)    Female  (1)
11    Ciara MURPHT (1074)    00:20:58    All Ages  (2)    Female  (2)
14    Aoife DINEEN (1038)    00:23:12    All Ages  (3)    Female  (3)

The provisional results can be seen HERE

1) An album of 138 photos from Monkstown and near Carrigaline HERE 
2) Kieran Minihane has 300+ photos HERE 
3) The organisers have some photos near the finish line HERE

Nollaigh O'Neill...winner of the Great Railway Run 25k race, just one week after winning a half-marathon in Spain.

From a numbers point of view, it looks like this year has been a huge success. This is a breakdown of the number of finishers over the last 3 events...

That big jump in numbers doesn't come without problems however. A number of people have said that the finish area for the race was way too small for nearly 600 people finishing the three races. There was also an issue for some people with traffic on the route with people walking to get between cars that were stopped.

An earlier start might help resolve the traffic issue. I'm not sure what can be done about the finish area though?


Anonymous said...

Mentioned it to the organisers as soon as I finished the 25K today that outside the Cork/Dublin marathons,for water stations,marshalls,signs every 1K,timing etc,it was the best organised race I've completed-hats off to them!Nice warm up before COrk in a few weeks ;)

Anonymous said...

Water stations were excellent (and frequent), weather stunning, great buzz on the course - take a bow organisers, very proud to be part of this great event today

Brian Hanley said...

My fist ever road race and it certainly was a memorable one.Thanks to all the stewards,supporters and people handing out water along the magnificent route.

Organisers deserve great credit for a superbly managed event and facilities, showers, buses Carrigaline GAA Club afterwards were greatly appreciated.

Credit also due to fellow runners who provided me with great encouragement during tough periods in the race.

This blog is also an outstanding source of information when preparing for such an event.

Anonymous said...

Great race with great potential over a very scenic route with plenty of water, a good turnout of stewards, great crowds, and today at least, great weather.

The problems that you refer to were almost all in the last km. Solution?? Get rid of it - move the finish line back to the park/community centre and find that km somewhere else along the course. With the weather today I'm sure a lot of people would have been delighted to finish in the park and stretch out on the grass for a while!!

The Finish Line in particular was horrendous and a serious hazard. It's too narrow and way too small an area. Water/Bananas should be 20/30/40 yards away from the finish and not within 6 feet of the finish line which causes people to stop and add further congestion. That area was way too crowded as it was and is also part of the (very busy) public highway so walkers with dogs, buggies etc added to the problems. It's an area that needs to be looked at as IMO in the event of an insurance claim it could be considered a 'foreseeable hazard'.

I hate to be seen as a critic of others efforts but I'd hate to see them having to abandon those efforts because of an incident there.

Overall the race is great and it's great to see it going from strength to strength so hopefully any of the glitches will be noted and seen to for future races.

Anonymous said...

Was a great day. We were blessed with the weather. I will certainly be participating again next year. Agree with the finish line statements. It was too small. I was nearly tripped over by a dog being brought in around the finish area by a woman. It also didn;'t do any justice to Carrigaline as it was in a very dull and boring area. Look at finishing in the park or something like that. Small things like this could kill an event.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic race. Had a great morning. So we'll organised. Refreshments afterwards were superb and greatly appreciated. Yes the finish needs rethinking but it did not take from my enjoying the morning. Well done to all involved & a huge thank you to the many volunteers. Looking forward to next year already.

Anonymous said...

Prizes for the three races were not great .For the price of each race they must improve.Not hampers r tshirts sport vouchers would be great .

Anonymous said...

Great event-really well organised,plenty water etc. The soup,sandwiches,rolls etc afterwards were amazing! Well done to the organisers!! The finish definitely needs a rethink though-too narrow and congested-it is after all on a public footpath. I echo the sentiments above that it needs to be moved.Everything else was fantastic!

Conor said...

Thank you all for your comments which are being noted.We are disappointed we didn't do better with the finish and will improve it next year. One option is to close off half the road and divert traffic so that runners can run on the road and not have to share the footpath with others. The other option is to finish in the park./community complex This sounds attractive but there is less parking in the immediate vicinity and no showers available. Overall the feedback we received has been very positive as reflected on the blog and we hope to further grow and improve the event for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi there great race and well organised. Just on my time I did around 2hrs 3 mins but the results show 2 hrs 50. if you could rectify this it would be greatly appreciated. Sean Lucey (125).

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's 25k race . Its a fantastic route skirting the shores of the harbour which was looking particularly good yesterday in the magnificent sunshine .

The bus to the start was a major bonus . Volunteers were excellent , plenty of water available also . It must be take a massive effort to coordinate such an event .

I was happy enough with the finish area but agree that it could be better when taking into the account how good everything else was . Food afterwards was excellent in comparison to some events where you are lucky to get a bottle of water & banana at the end .

Major Kudos to Conor Phelan et al @ Carrigaline Road Runners and the Lions Club for organising it .

Great job .