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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Man dressed as Spiderman runs 2:30 marathon...

Last weekend, 35 year old Paul Martelletti dressed in a Spiderman costume finished the London Marathon in an amazing time of 2 hours 30 minutes and 12 seconds. That is now a new Guinness World Record time for someone running in a fancy dress costume in a marathon.

When he's not breaking records, Paul Martelletti is a handy runner in his own right with recent half-marathon wins in Brighton, Watford and Wokingham. In March, he won the Bath Half-Marathon in a time of 1:05:27.

Additional info from John Walshe...
Paul Martelletii had also won the Manchester Marathon the week before London in 2:17:47 (with Irishman Eoin Callaghan second in 2:18:45).

Before that, Martelletti had run nine half-marathons in 2015, winning six of the major ones in the UK: Wokingham, Bath, Brighton, Watford, Liverpool and Hillingdon.

As well he has run a number of Parkruns this year, with a fastest time of 15:02.

His performances on the track last year range from 1:59.57 for 800 metres to that 6:57:22 for 100km two weeks later!

Aged 35, he was born in New Zealand but now lives in London.

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Thomas said...

He also holds the record for the fastest 100k ever run in Ireland (6:57:22), which he did in Belfast last July.