Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the MMRA Mt.Hillary Trail Race...Sun 1st Mar 2015

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Results of the MMRA Mt.Hillary Trail Race...Sun 1st Mar 2015

The Munster Mountain Running Association (MMRA) organised a trail race on Mt. Hillary near Banteer last Sunday the 1st of March. As trail races go, there was a good turnout for this with 57 adults and 6 juveniles taking part.

1 Mike Cunningham    M50    0:37:40 Mooreabbey Milers...    Limerick
2 Tom Blackburn    M40    0:38:57 Mooreabbey Milers ...    Limerick
4 Eoin Sugrue    M40    0:40:01 Cork
3 Sarah McCormack    F    0:39:08 Clonliffe Harriers...   
11 Carol Finn    F    0:45:39 Duhallow AC    Cork
16 Annette Quaid    F    0:47:11 Cork

The full results can be seen HERE

The next MMRA race is near Bweeng on the 15th of March.


Anonymous said...

pity ye didn't take down all the markers after race not nice to see bit of tape tied to trees..leave no trace


Hello Anonymous
We had a sweeper demarking the course, apologies if we missed something ,

Do you have a picture if it it description so we can rectify?

Rob Williams
Munster Chairman

Anonymous said...

sweeper must be total blind because he missed a lot of tape why don't ye travel course again and remove you really think I have the time to be taking photos of the rubbish ye left on mount Hillary..i could always take the photos for the litter warden

Johnny G said...

To anonymous who commented above :- i don't think there is any need to be insulting or sarcastic, in fairness. These people organise these trail runs voluntarily, giving of their own time, so that us runners can enjoy the race.
Like the rest of us, they don't always get everything right, so if some tape was left afterwards, by all means draw their attention to it, but i don't think there is any need to use adopt the attitude you did. No one deliberately did it.
I'm sure it will be rectified pretty quickly.
Thanks to the likes of Rob Williams, John Walshe and all the other volunteers around Munster, us runners are totally spoiled for choice when it comes to races.
Thank you to you all - us runners are always grateful for the time you give arranging these races.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

all the tape that was left on Mount Hillary hasn't been removed yet any chance of getting it removed