Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Interview with Fr.Liam Kelleher about the Ballycotton 10 race

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Interview with Fr.Liam Kelleher about the Ballycotton 10 race

Fr. Liam Kelleher has a long association with running and athletics and was the editor of a running magazine called Marathon back in the 1980's. 

John Cashman of the Cork Sports Sunday programme on C103 radio caught up with Liam recently for a quick chat about the upcoming race, his memories of it and how the standards have changed over the years. You can hear it below...


Anonymous said...

As a parent in Cobh it is such a pity that Fr Liam is so out of touch with the huge effort that is being made by so many great people in rejuvenating the Club.
As they say "Rome wasn't built in a day "

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the last comment the effort being put in for the adults and youths sessions in the last couple of months has been a credit to Ballymore Cobh it`s a pity Fr.Liam is so out of touch with whats going on.

John Desmond said...

Perhaps Liam was referring more to the recent past when there were very few adult members in the Ballymore Cobh.

Anyone who follows running can clearly see that the club has made huge strides in the last year or so.