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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Ballycotton 10 Start & Finish area...

In an earlier post, we had a look at where the parking was and how the buses would drop off runners at the barricade near the old church. This time, we have a look at how things are organised beyond the barrier and at the start / finish area.

Starting from left to right...You walk beyond the barrier at the old church and you will see Ballycotton National School on your right after about 300 metres.

There will be a large Marquee here which can be used for changing or for leaving your gear if you so wish. There will also be toilets located here. Womens changing is usually in the squash courts. Up in the school, there is a hall which will have...

1) A help desk in case you forgot your number / chip or have some other issue
2) Ballycotton '10' merchandise for sale
3) Refreshments after the race...usually tea and biscuits
4) Prize giving

By the way, you don't have to go into the hall. You got your race number for your singlet in the post and that is all you need for the race. There is no requirement to go in and register or anything like that.

From here, it is about 800 metres to the start line. As you approach it, there will be a barricade across the road.

Only elite runners are allowed beyond the barrier and they will use that area for warming up prior to the race. The majority of runners will take the small road right and up the arrows on map above.
You will pass through a small housing estate and at the end, there is a small field where you can leave your gear. There should be someone there handing out plastic bags with labels.

This is probably the best area to leave your tracksuit tops / warm gear. Remember, you will want to wear something warm for after the race as you walk back towards the school / buses.
From here, it's down a small hill and join the field for the start of the race. You should try and be here for about 1:15pm.

This is the start of the Ballycotton 10...narrow and packed! Once you get to the start area, you will see that they have it split up into the various estimated finishing times. You should go to your zone early and stay there. If everyone did this, it would be ideal as the faster runners would get away first leaving plenty of space for the runners behind.

Note that chip timing is used so your time doesn't start until you pass under the start line gantry. 

Once you finish the race, you will be handed a bag with the famous Ballycotton race mug and you will be directed back up the hill to the small field. Just as you leave the baggage area, they will be giving out water, bananas and Mars bars as you walk through the small housing estate. You now return towards the National School / Buses, staying well in on the left so that you don't impede the slower runners coming in.

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