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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Final post for the 2015 Ballycotton 10 race

Here we go, final post of a busy week...

1) Again a SHOULD NOT transfer your number to any other runner if you are not running! In a recent race, a female runner give her number to a male, leading the said female appearing in the results as a prize-winner! You might think it's no big deal but it creates a huge problem for the organisers of the race. You also signed an entry form saying you wouldn't transfer your number.

2) Don't forget your race number....stick it on the front of your singlet / t-shirt the night before. Remember, the timing chip is built into it.

3) Get there early! Get to the car parks in the fields by 11:30am and to the start by 1:15pm. Traffic is restricted a long way away from Ballycotton and you'll be directed to an outlying car park if you are late. Road side parking is not allowed by the Gardai. Avoid early.

4) Ballycotton T-shirts and clothing....

Ballycotton ‘10’ 2015 Clothing Prices
New Items for 2015
Back Packs, with Logo – Black & Green €10
Zipped Hoodies – Navy €20

Sale Stock
Zipped Hoodies – Brown (Large Only) €15
Zipped Hoodies  – Olive Green (Medium Only) €15
Zipped Hoodies -  Pink €15
Half Zipped Sweat Shirt - Grey
T-Shirts – Red €8
T-Shirts – Green €8
T-Shirts – Dark Blue €8
Long Sleeve T-Shirts – Light Blue €5
Zipped Hoodies  –  Pink €15

All clothing items will be for sale in Community Hall/School beside marquee, from 10am onwards. Please bring correct money where possible.

6) Weather Forecast......It looks as if it may well be wet on Sunday morning. The rain is forecast to clear about noon so hopefully, it will be gone by the time the race starts at 1:30pm. It will be mild enough with a temp of about 10 deg. There should be a light breeze of about 10mph/15kph from the north-west. See map will be into your face for the first half and behind you for the second half.

7) John Buckley Sports  will have a shop at the race headquarters at the school. They will have their usual special offers for Ballycotton with deep discounts off selected items.

......and finally here is a video clip from Fergus Meade of the start of the 2011 Ballycotton 10. You can see how narrow the road is and just how many people take part in this race...


Anonymous said...

hi im just wondering if the sale stock is available online/for delivery, thanks

John Desmond said...

No, they just sell the Ballycotton gear on the day.