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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Organisers of VHI womens mini-marathon in Dublin reverse ban on male guide runners

Sinead Kane is a visually impaired runner who has 5% vision in both eyes. She takes part in races with the assistance of a guide runner and has competed in several races in Cork.

In February of this year, she completed a 50km Ultra-Marathon in Donadea in Kildare with Irish international ultra runner John O'Regan as her guide.

A story that has been doing the rounds in the media for the last 48 hours is the fact that after she had entered the VHI Womens mini-marathon in Dublin on the June Bank Holiday Monday, she was told that John O'Regan couldn't run with her because he is a man. Considering that there are plenty of men running in dresses and costumes and raising funds for charity in the same event anyway, it was a daft decision.

On Twitter, Sinead expressed her own feelings on it.....
As blind female runner saddens me the decision that I am not allowed male guide to "assist" me in race. If I could see I would run myself!
Can anyone in Ireland please explain 2me why as a blind runner I am denied the right 2have a "male" guide in a Dublin race??? #disability

It was picked up by several media soruces with a pretty heavy backlash against against the organisers......

This morning, the organisers finally relented and changed the rules to allow male guide runners to participate....

Both Sinead and John were interviewed on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM today. You can listen to Part 1 here
19:48 to 30:21.....Sinead and John outlining the initial ban
38:50 to 41:06.....Listeners reactions

Part 2 here
10:20 to 12:40...Organisers reversal
16:40 to 20:00...Sinead's emotional reaction

The most suprising part of the whole saga is how the race organisers thought that banning a guide runner because of their gender was acceptable anyway??

Sinead has her own website here...

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Anonymous said...

To b honest the notion of a women's only race is nonsense anyway