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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Michal Kapral...The World's Fastest Joggler

I came across this story recently about a Canadian runner named Michal Kapral. His claim to fame is that he is the World's Fastest Joggler.........i.e. someone that runs while juggling three balls. His Guinness World Record time for this feat in the marathon is an amazing 2h 50m 12s!

Just imagine how hard that must be? First off, running a 2:50 marathon..........and then actually juggling three balls while running 6:30 min/mile pace! For the record, he only dropped it twice out of approx 32,000 catches over the 26.2 mile course.

He also holds the world record for 'Joggling' in the Half-Marathon. His time here was 1h 20m 40s.........or 6:10 min/mile pace!

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

You can see a clip of him in action below...

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