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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Minimum ban for doping increased to 4 years

Up to now, the minimum ban for doping in athletics has been 2 years. What it has meant that anyone taking banned substances could still train away and be back in time for major championships. It was in effect too lenient and not enough of a deterrent.

As of the 1st of January 2015, the minimum ban has now been increased to 4 years. This means that anyone caught doping will not be able to participate in competitions for at least four years which means that they would miss major events like the Olympics, the World Championships and so on.

The punishment for missing three tests within a 12-month period has been increased from 18 months to two years. Athletes guilty of "inadvertent doping" will receive a two-year ban - although they can get a reduction if they have "substantial proof that they were not at fault or intending to cheat".

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