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Monday, January 26, 2015

A quick look at Mallow 10 entries

As of Sunday night (25th Jan), there were about 100 entries left for the Mallow 10 mile road race. The limit this year is 1500 entries, up from the 1200 of 2014.

This got me thinking about what the natural limit of an race like the Mallow 10. How many would it get if it was left open until the 6th of March and there was no limit on numbers?

Time for a graph! This definitely comes under the category of useless info but what harm :o)

I plotted the number of entries against various dates. One obvious point is that the graph suffers somewhat from a lack of data but it does show the general trend. Over the last month, the entries have been coming in at about 30 a day...i.e. 900 entries in 30 days.

Going on that basis, the last 100 should be gone by next Wednesday or Thursday unless there is a last minute surge.

As for the natural limit? I would suspect that if it were to stay open, it would probably slow to 20 a day and then to 10 a day over time. Say an average 15 a day by about 30 days is 450. That's gives an natural limit of about 1900-2000 entries. That's only speculation of course as we'll never find out.

If you're interested in entering then do it now. More info in this race notice.

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