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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cork BHAA FMC race changes to 6k

Just a note to say that the Cork BHAA FMC race in Little Island is coming up at 11am on Sunday the 18th of January. This year, the distance will be 6kms instead of the usual 4 miles.

The forecast is for a frosty morning and the roads may be a bit slippy although by 11am, they might be ok. As always, it's €5 for registered runners and €8 for non-reg.


Johnny G said...

just curious as to any reason for the adjustment in race length, John ?

Anonymous said...

I ran this race before and enjoyed it. Its an awful pity the distance wasn't left as is. Now it isn't a 5k or a 4 miler so you its going to be hard to judge your time against another similar race.

John Desmond said...

From what I understand, they can't use the industrial estate part on safety grounds. They will use a loop inside in Eastgate instead which will make it 6kms.

Anonymous said...

It was changed back to the old 4m course this morning because of the ice. Race start was delayed by 30 mins.