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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Looking ahead to the Dungarvan 10 mile road race...Sun 1st Feb 2015

The big race in Munster this weekend of course is the Dungarvan 10 mile road race. This sold out months ago and the entry list can be seen HERE

First off, the weather forecast looks pretty good.

There is a ridge of high pressure moving across the country so the winds that are here on Saturday will drop. It's likely to be sunny and dry. The wind should be a breeze from the north-west so it's going to feel very cold. Wind into your face when you're heading west in the early stages and near the finish. Maybe about 4-5 deg C and feeling cooler at the start line with a bit of wind chill.

It's probably the type of conditions where you could wear a singlet on its own but you'll be frozen at the start line. You'd get away with a dry fit top. Don't even think about wearing a jacket as you'll bake at the end of the race.

As for the course, it is largely the same as before except for the part near the town. The preview of the old route is here...

The organisers have put up a copy of the new route but it's not very clear. Here is the route near the town....

1) Because of road works, the start has moved closer about 400m to the east. This cuts out a small hill but that's a small issue coming so early in the race.

2) There is a sharp left bend at 400m. Runners on a road behave like a fluid in a pipe....any bends and it slows. Watch for congestion here.

3) See the red arrows. You head out the Cork road like before. Turn right and pass the 2 mile mark. This time, instead of running straight, you turn right and past the finish line. Then you head west and you're back on the usual route.

4) See blue arrows. In previous years, you stayed inside the hard shoulder of the main road all the way to the roundabout. This year, you turn off left instead as you approach the town. A slight diversion to make up the 10 miles.

Overall......Should be good conditions for a 10 mile race.The changes to the course shouldn't make much difference. Expect a fast time.

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