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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Notice...Lee Fields 4 mile race - Sun 26th Oct 2014

This is a brand new race on the calendar...the Lee Fields 4 mile on Sunday the 26th of October 2014.

The 4 mile route takes in the Carrigrohane Straight...Inchigaggin Lace...Model Farm Rd...Dennehy's Cross...Victoria Cross. You can see a preview of the course HERE

You can pre-enter online HERE and there is a free technical top for the first 200 entrants. You can also enter on the morning of the race but obviously the tech tops might be gone at that stage.

As you can see in the flyer above, the race HQ is at the Kingsley Hotel.

The race is part of the HSE Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force initiative to encourage people to take part in Sunday morning activities. This is their message...The Cork Local Drugs Task Force has responsibility for  developing a strategic, locally based response to  substance misuse  in Cork. Today, the Cork Local Drugs Task Force funds twenty five projects. These projects are spread across local communities and voluntary agencies throughout Cork city to support individuals affected by substance misuse. All Drug Task Forces now have the  responsibility  of Alcohol  added to their brief. We in the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force are highlighting this addition of alcohol by creating an event to support the “Hello Sunday Morning” initiative.

“Hello Sunday Morning” encourages individuals to look at changing the pattern of their drinking by taking a break from alcohol & incentivising that break with goals e.g taking up running/exercise – further details

We are also aiming to  highlight to the general public all the services available across cork city regarding substance misuse as part of our drug & alcohol awareness month (poster attached)
We are hoping you will support the upcoming not for profit event for the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force.


Anonymous said...

€10 seemms a obit steep

Anonymous said...

Hi; is there catogary prizes, or just first 3 over the line?

Anonymous said...

€10 seems a bit steep?? There is chip timing, refreshments, a technical t-shirt for the first 200 registered, cash prizes, and I presume some sort of water how could it be any cheaper. People need to start realizing it costs money to run these events.

Anonymous said...

Hi I got some guys who want to walk it is that allowed?

Rich said...

To Anonymous poster above :
No-one is forcing you to enter.
Please keep your tenner and stay at home.
How much do you consider to be acceptable for a race?

When you have organised a race with chip timing, refreshments, t-shirts, prize fund, ambulance, insurance etc. come back and tell us how much you did it for.

John - I think it might be time for a "how much does it cost to run a race" blog post. Every race seems to have these types of comments, and it is frustrating for those who organise to have to justify charging 10 euro and make a few quid, as opposed to charging 8 and making a loss.

Even the BHAA races charge 8 euro and there is no chip timing, or t-shirts etc. I know that they have a different model for the funding of events, but it goes to show how much it costs to run an event.

(Rant over)

Anonymous said...

I registered today - can I find out if I am in the first 200 to get the tee-shirt. And if I am how/where/when can I collect it please?

Anonymous said...

Are the cash prizes shared out among the catogaries as well, or just the first 3 across the line?

John Desmond said...

This is the info I got from the organisers regarding some of the questions....

1) There are no category prizes, just first 3 over the line male & female. As it's the initial year, the funds just aren't there for category prizes.

2) Walking is ok though the race is really aimed at runners.

3) T-shirts will be collected at registration morning of the event. You get your chipped number & t shirt at same time. Anyone who registered to date will get a t shirt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John. Great service as usual. Much appreciated.

Callum's Blog said...

Why do people whinge, €10.00 for the race with everything that is on offer is great value. Really looking forward to this race and hoping I get another PB.
Fingers crossed that'll we'll get some dry weather

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. . Runners will do nearly anything for a teeshirt. What is story if registering today.

Anonymous said...

Lord above €10 is STEEP!!!!! -
Read what you get for it!
Obviously hasnt done a lot of runs.......

From one who does a lot of runs its fantastic value for pleasing some i guess!

Anonymous said...

A tenner seems a great price to me...assuming i'm in the first 200! Can anyone tell me, if i register today will i be in the first 200 or not??
Also, didn't i read that ALL extra money goes to the cause...which is great!!

John Desmond said...

Tues 21st 1pm...At the moment, 150 have entered. 50 entries with dry fit tops left.

jason said...

is there 200 registered ? want to do it but would like the t shirt

Gerard said...

I am guessing person who said ten is steep was just pulling peoples legs and seeing who would take the bait ! LOL !

And it is nice to see a four mile race on over the bank holiday weekend - the calendar tends to be kinda bare at this time of year !

Anonymous said...

Just home after the race, great run, really enjoyed it. Had some lovely sandwiches, lovely coffee, well worth €10. Very well organised. 5* treatment, well done.

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