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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

2015 Donal Walsh School Marathon Challenge

Donal Walsh Schools Marathon Challenge....Entries taken from Monday 29th September 2014 right through to May 10th 2015.

Description from the organisers...This event is an initiative of the Midleton Monday Night Club borne out of their hosting Irelands First ever Indoor Marathon in St. Colmans Community College in Midleton February last. During this marathon, with about 50 people running the marathon, a team of students also undertook the challenge running together all 165 laps of the school corridors, to complete the full 26.2 miles.

Now the challenge they issue to every school in the country is to also hold a marathon to match or better their time of 3hrs 53mins.

This marathon can be held inside, outside in the school field/track or wherever is most suitable – but it must be a marathon distance completed by the school team, e.g. if your lap is 200mts, then 211 laps are required, if your lap is bigger or smaller than this - then you do the maths! A maximum of 42 students per team only is allowed, (each running 1km each, which can be broken down into two 500mt stints or similar if preferred).

All times will be recorded by the teacher in charge and entered on the Donal Walsh Schools Marathon facebook page, with a picture included if you'd like. The winner at the end of the school year will be given a custom-made trophy one each per Primary school and Secondary school winner.

That’s the fun side – but of course we’re hoping the initiative will generate money for the really worthwhile charity of the Donal Walsh #LiveLife foundation. As we know this is a charity close to young peoples hearts – and what better way to “Live Life” than being a proud team member of a full marathon. Not only that, this event ticks all the boxes for students and curriculum; promoting physical health, a sense of accomplishment leading to positive mental health, teamwork and also generosity of spirit.

The idea would be that each participating child would contribute €2.00 each. The teacher in charge can then send their money directly to the Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation.

There are 8000 schools in Ireland, if only 1000 of these entered, with a team maximum of 42 children, (each to run a km) – that would mean 42, 000 children having run for Donal – that’s more than the London City Marathon event – imagine that!

The launch was on 29th September in St. Colmans Community College with Donals father, Fionnbar Walsh, the Cork City Marathon Fireman World record holder Alexander O’ Shea, Crystal Swing, along with the original team members themselves and their Principal Mr. Gerry Kelly, who so kindly allowed us to run our indoor marathon in the school in the first place.

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