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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ted Geary of Ballymore...RIP

Someone sent me this message today......"From the young to the old, one of Corks best distance runners of the fifties and sixties, Ted Geary of Ballymore passed to his eternal reward this week, he was winner of the Cork Senior Cross Country Championship in 1956 and as far as I can recollect also won it on three other occasions. May he rest in peace. "

Sixty one years ago back in 1953, Old Abbey Athletic Club was formed and in its first year, it held a road race between Waterfall and Goggins Hill which was won by Ted Geary. To commemorate it's 60th anniversary of it's founding, the club held a 5 km road race in 2013 over much the same route and Ted was present for the occasion as shown in the photo here.

Update : Ted Geary won the Cork Cross Country title three times...1956, 1957 and 1958. He also won the Munster Junior title in 1956 and was third in the All Ireland Junior competition in 1957 (Junior back then is the same as Intermediate today)

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Anonymous said...

Ted won the Cork Senior cross country championship in 56,47,58 won the Munster junior 56third in al-Ireland Junior County Junior champion 54,County novice 54.Liam