Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Lee Fields 4 mile road race...Sun 26th Oct 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Results of the Lee Fields 4 mile road race...Sun 26th Oct 2014

The race was part of the HSE Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force initiative to encourage people to take part in Sunday morning activities. 

1 Thomas Hayes M 19:28
2 John Meade M 19:49
3 Elton Heffernan M 20:35
52  Margaret Lillis F 27:54
58 Mary O'KEEFFE F 28:19
62 Siobhan HOLLAND F 28:27

The results can be seen HERE

Note that the results are very much provisional. If your name isn't shown then contact the chip time company...  info AT

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of 253 photos HERE
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First 3 men in the 2014 Lee Fields 4 mile race...(L-R) Elton Heffernan of Togher AC 3rd, Thomas Hayes of Kilkenny City Harriers 1st & John Meade of St.Finbarr's AC 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Elton heffernan was 3rd in 20:35

Paudie said...

Great route. Like the 10.30 start. For a first time event id say well done to the originating committee.

Anonymous said...

First woman was in at 27.54 bib number 132

Gerard said...

Anonymous is right about a lady coming in at 27.54 and that would seem to give her first place in the womens prizes.
I am guessing she was one of the runners who did not get race numbers with chips - one of the organisers aplogised before the start, in the race office, that some runnerds would be running without chipped numbers. Looks like this is an unfortunate mix up.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all who worked behind the scenes.
Thoroughly enjoyed the race.
Stewards and garda were great for encouraging all runners.
Route was lovely, and the refreshments afterwards were delicious.
Cant wait till next year!

Anonymous said...

As for getting the 3rd man home incorrect and the first woman home incorrect also, what were the officials doing knowing before the race that there were some bibs without a chip??? With this knowledge before the race, surely it would have been quiet simple to keep track of the first three male and female competitors home? Emabarrassing and disappointing to say the least, even more so for the unfortunate male and female in question not being awarded their prizes.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a great race for €10 TECHNICAL T-SHIRT, WATER, CHIP TIMING and a laid on spread of delicious sandwiches, tea, coffee,and sweets in the Kingsley Hotel well done to all in the great selection of race route and the organising of same, the Stewards and Garda were great with the encouragement for all the runners looking forward to the next year already

Anonymous said...

A complete mess I'm afraid. Anybody turning up to register after around 9.55 got no chip as they had run out. We were told we would still get a race placing but this did not happen. I came in at 27.35 but no mention in the results, as with several other runners. Race organization is not rocket science and there are plenty of runners who I'm sure would have assisted in the days coming up. This needs to be sorted by next year as the course is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Give it a break lads! This was the first time the organisors put on this race. I'm sure they will learn from it and make sure it won't happen next year. I thought it was a lovely race, great fast course, great start time, very nice t-shirts, water, sandwiches, tea, coffee etc etc. Are we missing the point? As important if not more important is getting the message of the organisation (eg Hello Sunday Morning) out there. Relax everyone, we all make mistakes. I hope this event will be on again next year. Although, the way some are giving out I couldn't blame the organisors if they decided no to run this event, which was enjoyed immensely by most who took part.

Anonymous said...

While race time mix ups are not acceptable surely its the responsibility of the timing company to get it right. Perhaps any feedback should be directed towards them. my guess is they were employed to carry out a job on the day & unfortunately there were mistakes on their behalf. All other aspects of race went well and is a shame the timing caused such issues

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with disposable chip options. Some companies charge per chip not per entry when it comes to disposable chips. This means races which are not sure of the uptake need to gamble on the amount of chips they will require. Using a reusable chip option would probably have been a better option based on the numbers participating in this race. These are usually charged per entry and timing companies don't mind giving you plenty of chips because they are getting them all back.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Unfortunate about the timing but great event route tech top value support spread after stewarding fun value and cause. The timing company misjudged the numbers ok, it was said nearly 350 ran but results showed 260... But hey Is there any of us out there trying to qualify for Rio at 10.30am on a Sunday in Cork?
Lighten up and enjoy it for what it was...a great first time event for a good cause and at great value ( not as many of them around! ) PLEASE have this next year as all I talked too enjoyed it thoroughly.. Bring extra chips though as it could get bigger..