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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Results of the Evening Echo Womens mini-marathon...Sun 28th Sept 2014

Roughly 10,500 turned out for the annual Evening Echo womens mini-marathon in Cork City raising millions for charity in the process. The results for the first 20 women are shown below. The full results will be in the Evening Echo during the week with some photos. Going on previous years, I think it may well be just the finishing position rather than having times for everyone.

First 3 women in the mini-marathon...Laura Crowe of An Ríocht AC, Michelle Finn of Leevale AC & Sinead O'Connor of Leevale AC. Photo : Gearóid Ó Laoi

1 Laura Crowe (Riocht) 21:24;
2 Michelle Finn (Leevale) 21:50;
3 Sinead O’Connor (Leevale) 22:29;
4 Martina Kiely (St Finbarrs) 22:56;
5 O Murray (Ferrybank) 23:14;
6 Aisling Moran (Leevale) 24:03;
7 Louise Shanahan (Leevale, MJ) 24:43;
8 Carmel Parnell (Leevale, F55) 24:49;
9 J O’Connor (unatt) 24:58;
10 M Ahern (Leevale, FJ) 25:21;
11 E Leahy (unatt) 25:39;
12 Aine Moran (Leevale) 25:46;
13 M Dennehy (unatt, F35) 25:47;
14 C Cooke (UCC) 26:07;
15 Aine Collins (Doheny, F40) 26:16;
16 U UiMhuirithe (unatt, F50) 26:28;
17 Eilish Downing (Ballintotis Fit4Life) 26:51;
18 A Shine (Leevale, F40) 26:53;
19 E Leahy (Midleton, FJ) 27:26;
20 L McCarthy (UCC) 27:33.

Photos......(Updated Thurs 2nd Oct)
1) The Evening Echo has a small number of group photos....
a) Cork ARC Cancer at the city hall
b) Breakthrough Cancer Research on the quays
2) Kieran Minihane has over 800 photos HERE
3) The Evening Echo have a number of commercial photos for sale. Look HERE 
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has over 500 photos HERE   

1) From the Irish Examiner...

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