Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race - Sun 28th Sept 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Results & Photos of the BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race - Sun 28th Sept 2014

A huge crowd of 744 runners turned out for this years Cork to Cobh race.That's well up on last year and back in line with other years. I wonder did the fact that today's race was 4 weeks before Dublin rather than the 3 weeks of last year make a difference?

The weather conditions were almost perfect. No real wind. It was raining at about 8am so it looked like it was going to be wet but that soon cleared and it was dry for the race.

Again, it was another well run event. Highlights.....
1) There is a certain novelty of starting a race in Cork City and finishing down in the outer harbour in Cobh
2) Ideal race to test your target marathon pace for Dublin
3) Pre-entry price of €10 and that includes a dry fit top.
4) The only chance in the year that you can run on this road which is otherwise way too busy.

It really has to be one of the best value races in the country. There are no shortage of half-marathons which cost 5 times the price.

One downside which keep coming up every year is the lack of water bottles. The route however is not suitable for bottles. It's a very busy road and you can't expect volunteers to be picking up bottles with cars whizzing past. Plastic cups aren't great but they really are the only practical solution. Everyone drops these within 100m of the water station and it makes it much easier to collect.

Pos Name Cat Prize Time Company Team
2 John Meade M2 01:22:14 Joyce Wolfe Physio
3 Colin Merritt 0/40A M3 01:22:29 ARMY

The full results can be seen HERE

This chart shows the numbers of runners and their pace. As you can see, the numbers are back up this year...the 4th highest ever. Besides the obvious growth in numbers over the last 10 years, the most obvious change is the huge growth in those running over 8 minute miles. A lot of this would be accounted for by more women running now and the larger number of slower runners overall. No matter what speed you are running, 15 miles is still 15 miles. It's always a tough race and perhaps even tougher for those who are out the longest.

Photos...(Updated Sun 22:30pm)
1) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE (Check again on Monday for loads of finish line photos from Doug)
2) Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC has 230 photos HERE
3) Colm McDonagh has some photos about 300m before the finish line HERE
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has loads of photos HERE

Someone left this top in the hotel this morning. Give the guys in the BHAA a shout if you own it.


Anonymous said...

Have to say this is one of my favourite races on the calendar.. Its a tough challenging course but is scenic in places esp the route by fora. Distance is unusual adds to the attraction..

Would be nice to have bottles at one of the stops if possible. Found it hard to grab the cups..

A huge congrats and thanks to the organisers and volunteers. they really make this event.. Kevin, Michael etc do fantastic work.

Time for a rest ;)

Anonymous said...

Great race again. The best soloution when dealing with water cups to to simply to stop at the water station, take two cups and drink while walking. You won't lose any time and will probably gain in the long term.

Anonymous said...

Well done again guys for a brilliant organised Cork to Cobh run. Always very tough but u hve some great craic going around & de food as usual was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Well done to the BHAA & all the stewards & volunteers.
Excellent race, some value for €10!!

Anonymous said...

Great run. Fantastically well organised and a great shirt to boot. Thanks a million. Looking forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

First time doing Cork to Cobh. I must say that it was a great experience. Fantastic organisation and great stewarding. Thank you to the two lady stewards who gave us the packet of jellies before the race; they came in very handy!

Anonymous said...

Well done to all in the BHAA another great race, so well organised yet again. Thanks to all the stewards, the people at the water stops, the supports out on the course and especially all in the BHAA who organised it all.

Anonymous said...

Great race - thanks to all the organisers. My first Cork -Cobh and not my last. Some testing drags on the last 4 miles made it difficult to make up time. I'll be back

una Plant said...

Fantastic well done to all involved best race super organising great food after thank you

Anonymous said...

Super super race what value well done all

Haille said...

Perfect conditions, well organised race. My 13th running of this race.Why cannot other race organisers offer similiar value

Anonymous said...

As everyone says "A great race" but the amount of people out there wearing headphones was unbelievable and many of them wearing their Club colours.This shows total disregard for the rules of the race and if clubs don't help BHAA implement its rules who will ?. The roads were NOT closed and there were some very dangerous junctions.All we need is one person to be knocked down and its goodbye "Cork to Cobh".

Anonymous said...

My only crib is with the water stations. Could they have four stops instead of three out on the course?

Other than that it was a super race that was well supported and offered great value considering the quality of the finishers technicial t shirts. Take a bow BHAA

Kemlyn said...

Excellent race as always.
Could I just ask those few people who dump the gel packs on the road not to do so.
If you're around the same pace as me you're not winning any races so it wouldn't slow you up much to carry them to the next water station.
The people who run this race do their best to tidy up sfterwards and it is an insult to them to dump your rubbish.
See ye again next year.

Anonymous said...

Great race,still think there should be at least one water station with bottles(8mile).impossable to get any water with cups.

John Desmond said...

...and who is going to pick up all of those discarded plastic bottles between that water station and the finish line?