Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Glounthaune Community 4m road race...Wed 3rd Sept 2014

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Results of the Glounthaune Community 4m road race...Wed 3rd Sept 2014

This was a brand new race on the calendar and it attracted 299 people, a very large number for a first outing.

1 Alex O Shea M    M40 22:08
2 Dennis Lyons St Finbarrs MS 22:10
3 Liam Tracey Watergrasshill MS 22:15
13 Ann-Marie Holland St Finbarrs FS 24:04
28 Niamh Cronin St Finbarrs FS 26:15
33 Mary Dennehy wibbly wobbly wonders FS 26:37

Results.....The full results can be seen HERE

1) Tara Costello has a gallery HERE 
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3) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE

Alex O'Shea of St.Finbarr's AC winning the inaugural Glounthaune 4 mile race. Photo: Tim McCarthy of Eagle AC


Anonymous said...

A bit of a rip off for 10 euro.No 0/35,0/45.0/55,0/60 prizes.Only one prize 0/40 & 0/50. One or two spot prizes.Clearly bad value.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have to agree with the above comment. Another case where runners are being exploited.The advertising poster clearly said category prizes leading runners to expect the usual and NOT just two.Also the food was pre packed in which I got half a sandwich and a bun. Definitely a case of "only in it for the money.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the comments above. I thought it was a great evening. People obviously have very high expectations in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Lets consider what we got in Glounthaune for 10 euro, chip timing and a prepacked plate, very tasty as it stopped the food grabbing, storage and wastage that occurs at many races, ok the race flyers and the entry form that we signed was incorrect as it gave the impression of all age catagory prizes and with a huge list of sponsors they could have been a lot more generous, however lets compare this race to the Kinsale 10 mile/10K in Garratstown last Sunday..Entry 10 mile pre race 21.50, on the day 30 euro, 10K pre race 11.50 on the day 15 euro, returns... goody bag containing a bottle of water, sun visor and two leaflets promoting two additional fund raising ventures by the race organisers, food yes, two private stall vendors present selling something for around 5 euro, also the race people had a stall selling t shirts ect., prizes I saw nothing although I did see one of the committee throw something to a lady from the boot of a car as he made hasty exit from the venue. Very definitely another case of only in it for the money.

Anonymous said...

Pity to hear these negative comments. I had a great evening and it was their first effort running this event, maybe you could offer some constructive criticism instead of just giving out.

Anonymous said...

I begin to wonder do some people enter these races just to give out after here. Its a community organisation utilising a race locally to raise much needed funds to continue their community work. It is not as implied a commercially run event seeking to make a profit.
Those comments merely seek to undermine the efforts of all the stewards and people putting in time and effort to make it a great night for all.
If you do not want to contribute and participate then just don't enter - then you will have no difficulty with the temperature of the water supplied or the tea after.

John Desmond said...

It should probably be remembered that this was the first year of this particular race. The organisers have no idea as to how many people will turn up. It might be 300, it might have been 120. Some of the costs are the same regardless of the numbers.

It's the same with every race. For year 1, they have to be cautious. As the years go on, they can start to make changes and improvements.

Anonymous said...

I say to Glouthaune, well done, one of the best first time efforts around, never worry re negative comments by rectifying these ye can only enhance the quality of next years race,10 euro is the norm for many races and cheaper than most, however if the four catagory prizes totalled 400 euro is a bit over the top, better to spread them out, this race has great potential, the last evening race of the year,lovely location, fantastic course, friendly committee and of course "the spread" which I think should be sufficient for anyone after running a road race, well done again.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was very well run - very safe & well organised start, plenty of stewards on course & lovely atmosphere/refreshments after. Probably the best €10 I'll spend this week...

Anonymous said...

Well done to Glounthaune and the committee and it was a very enjoyable race. I think the people who are making the complaints, and you have the right to do so, may not be aware how difficult it is to organise a race. It was there first time. It was for a good cause and as one person commented if you thought the race was expensive, why did you enter?

Anonymous said...

Delighted with race. Started on time, no queues to enter, good wide open start, chip timing, results pinned up while we drank tae...
All very good and a few more prizes will only satisfy a few extra people while the other 285 of us will get nothing anyway only a good night out which we came for.
Great local effort by all, well done for community spirit, nice route and atmosphere at the finish.
€10 euro is the norm nowadays and if it helps the Community fair play.

Richard said...

I know I shouldn't be getting drawn into these things but ......

As a member of the organising committee, I would like to clarify and a few points:
Firstly, yes, it was organised as a profit (however small) making exercise, as well as a community event. We do not have the funds to run a loss making exercise (who does?). Any profits from the event will be put back into the community. No-one personally makes any money from this.

I don't think runners were "exploited", or that we offered bad value for money.

The question to be asked is - what is good value for money for what you got - €5? €7.50? €8.34?

We had no idea of numbers, even though we offered online pre-entries. On the day we could have had 50, or 500. As we had no definite figures on numbers, we decided to limit the prizes to certain categories. The allocation of prizes within categories is one which we will revisit.

For info the form that was completed at registration is a standard form provided by precision timing.

Organising a race is not cheap. The chip timing has a cost, the ambulance has a cost, the course measurement has a cost, advertising and posters cost money etc.

It also takes much organisation in the background for weeks in advance - liaising with Gardai, measuring the course, arranging stewards, painting the road markings, putting signs up, sorting out sponsorship etc. Many many hours of voluntary work goes into organising a race.

I am sure we could have cut costs and thereby reduced the entry fee, but what would you leave out?
An accurately measured course?
Chip timing?
The ambulance?
Refreshments at the finish line?

You can be sure that if any of these were omitted, then there would be a bigger round of complaints.

Our aims were to deliver an accurately measured and timed course, an efficient and short registration, an on-time start (VERY IMPORTANT), and refreshments at the finish. Further we ensured that we had plenty of stewards, and medical personnel on site.

Yes, we could do a few things better, but I think that all of our goals were met.

As John said, we were cautious as it was our first race, and will take all constructive criticism on board.

Thank you to those that offered their support.

Please note that this comment is my viewpoint only, and not to be taken as an official statement.

Anonymous said...

I haven't really ever commented on races before but I would just like to congratulate the organizers on a very well organized race and a great and generous spread after the race and plenty bottled water. I would like to wish them well for the future and hope to see them again next year. In relation to the course it was a fairly testing course, not a p.b. course with a few climbs in the middle along with a head wind on the way home. Thank you again to all the organizers.

Anonymous said...

The point raised in the first comment is still very valid. Cat. Prizes were advertised and runners expected the normal range of prizes.If the the organisers decided to change from the norm. they should have been upfront and said so.Being the first event is no excuse for misleading people deliberately. Yes the rest of the event was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Fitzpatrick's Shop who were the main sponsor of the event last night and who catered for it. I imagine it was very difficult to cater for this first race ever in the community and I myself received a lovely plate with fresh sandwich, biscuit cake and treatsize snack along with bottled water and tea/coffee. I know this was very generous in comparison to a cup of tea and digestive biscuit I have received at the end of other races!! Very well organised race, really enjoyed my night!

jim said...

it was a great night & I should know as I was last man home so spent more time out on the course than most. Excellent stewards & motor cycle outriders were outstanding as it was getting dark as I got in & they kept the course well covered. jim

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with organiser comments. It is not a running club but a community effort to make a few pounds to plough back. We got a good race and no loads of category prizes no problem. I never ever win a prize anyway so..
I ran the Endurance Challenge for charity recently at a higher cost and all money went to the cause and NO PRIZES at all. We were happy with that.
No difference then when a community organisation try the same thing for their own cause. No one person is profiting from this.
Let the AC clubs do it properly as they should and let everyone else have a chance to make a few pounds while giving a decent race.
I for one will be back as will many others. If it was a rip then next years numbers will be the answer to that.
Thank you to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time. Thanks to all involved. If €10 for a 4 mile race seems a bit much for some no one's making them run it. Happy to pay a little above average if it's for a good cause. Hope it'll be on again next year. Dara ///

GERRY RYNG said...

It is incredible to read such negative remarks from a few of the 299 running participants. A classic example of partake in an event with a view of extracting something from it, rather than a positive contribution towards its success. It was a fun enjoyable run which attracted a large turnout, and (almost) everybody entered the community spirit which was so evident on the evening. Well done to the Glounthaune Community Association on the splendid organisation, and to the main sponsors, Fitzpatrick's Shop, for the sumptuous plentiful food etc. I would suggest that the few prize addicts would have a more enjoyable and perhaps fruitful evening at a funfair where they could purchase a few raffle tickets for ten euro!