Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Charleville Half-Marathon...Sun 21st Sept 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Results of the Charleville Half-Marathon...Sun 21st Sept 2014

Conditions were perfect for this years Charleville 9 deg C at the start and hardly any wind....a big contrast from the heat of 2013. The sun didn't really appear until about the 2 hour mark and most runners were nearly home at that stage.

This was only my second time doing this race as I had done it previously in 2012. The big difference for me was the road closure this time round. In 2012, we had a stream of cars trying to pass hundreds of runners which really didn't work well. It was so much better this year with nothing but runners taking up the whole road. Without the hassle of traffic, it made it a very nice course to run on.

The whole event seemed to be very well organised and it had the look and fell of a well run club race which of course is exactly what it was. Full credit to the host club North Cork AC for putting on a fine event.

Martin Fagan & Maria of the 2014 Charleville Half-Marathon

1 Martin FAGAN  1:03:58 Ages 18-39  (1) Male  (1)
2 Ismail SSENYANGE 1:06:06 Ages 18-39  (2)    Male  (2)
3 Sergiu CIOBANU 1:06:19 Ages 18-39  (3)    Male  (3)
4 Paddy HAMILTON 1:06:29 Ages 18-39  (4)    Male  (4)
5 Brian MAHER 1:07:41 Ages 18-39  (5)    Male  (5)
6 Geert MAES 1:08:27 Ages 18-39  (6)    Male  (6)
7 Greg ROBERTS 1:09:16 Ages 18-39  (7)    Male  (7)
8 Tim STESSENS 1:09:30  Ages 18-39  (8)    Male  (8)
9 Simon RYAN 1:10:13 Ages 18-39  (9)    Male  (9)
10 Colm SHEEHAN 1:10:51 Ages 18-39  (10)    Male  (10)

21    Maria MCCAMBRIDGE 01:12:26 Ages 18-39  (1)    Female  (1)
29    Siobhan O'DOHERTY 01:16:24 Ages 18-39  (2)    Female  (2)
39    Barbara SANCHEZ 01:17:37 Ages 18-39  (3)    Female  (3)
53    Ailish MALONE (29)    01:19:08    01:19:06    Ages 18-39  (4)    Female  (4)
79    Ann-Marie HOLLAND (32)    01:23:19    01:23:13    Ages 18-39  (5)    Female  (5)
89    Anna-Meria COSTELLOE (33)    01:24:41    01:24:36    Ages 18-39  (6)    Female  (6)
112    Mags DEMPSEY (410)    01:27:06    01:26:58    Ages 18-39  (7)    Female  (7)
122    Patricia MC COSKER (737)    01:27:32    01:27:22    Ages 18-39  (8)    Female  (8)
125    Niamh CRONIN (240)    01:27:34    01:27:26    Ages 18-39  (9)    Female  (9)
130    Margo DINAN (491)    01:27:45    01:27:38    Ages 45 - 49  (1)    Female  (10)

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos.....(Updated Mon 11pm)
1) Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC has a gallery of photos HERE and HERE
2) The organisers have loads of pre-race and start line photos HERE the 13 mile mark HERE...and finish line photos HERE (Facebook account required to view)
3) Doug Minihane has 400+ photos HERE
4) An BrĂș AC (Bruff) have loads near the finish line HERE
5) A number of photos from Kevin O'Connor of the start HERE
6) Mick Dooley of Eagle AC has a number of photos HERE 
7) James Cottam has a gallery on Facebook HERE (Facebook account required to view) 
8) Sean Simcox has 300+ photos in Kilmallock HERE
9) Ireland Through a Lens have some out round the 7 mile mark HERE 

Some stats from Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC.....
 A quick look at the results today in Charleville compared to the Dublin Half yesterday. 
Total to run Charleville.  667. Total to run Dublin.  6128...9 times the size
Sub 70min...Charleville had 8. That’s 1.2% of the total field....Dublin had 1 sub 70.  0.02% of its total field. 
Sub 80min...Charleville had 59. That’s 8.9% of the total field...Dublin had 58.  That’s 1% of the total field.
Sub 90 min...Charleville had 161. That’s 24% of its total field...Dublin had 441.  That’s 7.2% of the total field.
Women under 1:30...Charleville had 16...Dublin had 18.

Munster Half-Marathon Championships.......The Charleville Half-Marathon also doubled up as the Munster Half-Marathon Championships.

Team Results...
Men's Club Team Name
Leevale A.C...13
St Finbarr's AC...32
Clonmel Ac...55

Eagle AC...56
West Limerick AC...103
BMOH AC...117
An Bru Ac...137
West Waterford AC...142
Mallow AC...145
Kilmallock Ac...161
Midleton AC...168
Grange Fermoy AC...180
Templemore Ac...217
North Cork Ac...221
Watergrasshill Ac...221
Bilboa Ac...255
Dooneen Ac...276

Women's Club Team
St Finbarrs Ac...13
Eagle AC...37
West Limerick AC...56

Mallow AC...73
Watergrass Hill AC...79
An Bru AC...115
North Cork AC...134
Kilmallock AC...142
Clonmel AC...144

The individual results can be seen HERE  

1) Start of the race...


Anonymous said...

Great weather for the race today, what a change from the heat of last year...was truly a Pb course today. Everything went to plan, well organised and all, only what happened the finishing gantry and clock??

Anonymous said...

I think they took it down after 2 hours, as all the runners had come in ??

Anonymous said...

Hard to feel enthusiastic about the winner, with his stained history...

Anonymous said...

The gantry wasn't there at all. Heard people comment on the fact it was hard to gauge where the line was. Having done it before, had a fair idea.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a press story about fagan's return.
Everyone will have their own opinion on drug cheats, but its the case that they do get their ban and return after serving it with a clean slate.

Bandon runner said...

thought everything about the race was top class today -well marshalled, a truly pb course, great weather and endless mounds of grub after.

Special mention to 1:20 pacer who led our group. He was top class. Dropped my pb by 8 minutes and defo would not have even tried that pace if there wasn't a pacer. The race director said an atheltic club should also encourage performance as well as pariticipation and I felt they did that today.

Full value for money and would definitely recommend as a PB race

Unknown said...

what a winning time? im just wondering is there testing for the top guys should have been cheetahs

Anonymous said...

Third time doing it and had another course PB there. Thought it was excellently run and well done to all involved. It was a nice touch having north cork members thanking people and urging them to eat well in the hall. Well done toNorth Cork. The quality of races in ballyhoura and mallow and Charleville are excellent

Cathal Daly


Anonymous said...

great event to be part of very well organised just one small thing no time clock at the end

Anonymous said...

Winner had better times than today before he took whatever he took.Sad case, just proves he did,nt need to take anything to be a world class runner.

Anonymous said...

Quote "Winner had better times than today before he took whatever he took.Sad case, just proves he did,nt need to take anything to be a world class runner"

Just because he wasn't caught before January 2012 doesn't mean that he hadn't been taking peds for years before that. Many athletes are adept at evading controls plus he also still has the advantages of taking said peds still in his system. Fair enough running in local races like this but I wouldn't like to see him represent Ireland again. I wonder how disappointed some of the other athletes must have felt because he was a late addition to the event.

Anonymous said...

Will these people ever get over martin fagan,he served his time and he won today because he is better then the rest.there isnt one person here on this site thats never made mistakes so give it a rest,its getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Making a mistake is one thing.Setting out to cheat is a lot worse.

Aine said...

What a time by Maria McCambridge ..awesome time, and great run by Siobhan O Doherty too.
As for Martin Fagans time 63 minutes, I wonder if his best times are behind him.

Anonymous said...

Was a brilliant race. What a difference compared to the heat of last year, knocked 8 mins off my PB time so absolutely thrilled.
So well organised and great spread after.
Once again a special mention has to be given to the water shower at mile 12, brilliant.
Only comment as has been mentioned already is the time clock at the finish, I know it wasn't precision timing but surely all timing companies should have this, especially for an International Standard race!

Anonymous said...

The race was superbly organized. Couldn't fault it really,and I think that it will only go from strength to strength over the next few years. Great to see so many elite runners making the trip. It was up there with the National Championships (RocknRoll Half) in terms of quality of field, if not better. Well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Great time by the winner . We all make mistakes , He made a big mistake , has paid for it in more ways than one , has acknowledged it and has to live with it everyday . He definitely deserves a second chance . Obviously a naturally gifted runner .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard organising Charleville 2014 - it was AMAZING!
it was my first half, i came away with a pb and one blister!
Exceptionaly well put together. Everybody was smiling and so very helpful.
Great support en route too - special shout out to the girls with the hose towards the end. Loved their mantra "get wet this year because water rates wont allow us to wet you next year"
Well done Charleville, well done and see you next year x

Anonymous said...

Have looked through most of the photos and they look great. Majority seem to be at the start and finish. Just wondering about the photos that were taken out on the course. In particular at about mile 4 and also by the arch in Kilmallock there was another photographer snapping. If anyone knows where I could view these onese I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Ran a PB and name did not appear on official results DISAPPOINTED!

Anonymous said...

3 big races in Cork 3 weeks in a row. St Finbarrs up by 110 from last year and it is a 10ml instead of half marathon. Charleville was down 40 from last year. Cork to Cobh next Sunday will be interesting to see attendance.
All quality races, superbly organised but too close together.
When is the next distance race of 10mls or longer in Cork?
I know some use these races as prep for Dublin but surely there is a better schedule to be worked out and all Clubs and runners will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the 90 min pacers who did a great job.their pacing was metronomic; I ran sub 90 for the first time and it felt much easier than expected thanks to their even was my first time running this race and I really enjoyed the event-very well organised and pacers at 5min intervals was fantastic. A gantry with time-clock would've been good at finish,but that's only a small thing. Overall,a great event. Take a bow North Cork AC !

Anonymous said...

While I agree Fagan was a fool for taking a banned substance i do believe he deserves a second chance.We all make mistakes.