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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Is Rob Heffernan going to get a European Silver medal???

Back in late July, I had a post up about how the Russian race walker Stanislav Emelyanov had been caught due to violations to his biological passport. This meant that his results since before 2010 would no longer be counted. In 2010 at the European Championships in Barcelona, Emelyanov won the 20 km walking race. Rob Heffernan finished 4th in that race. With Emelyanov eliminated, Rob moved up in 3rd place and a bronze medal.

At the start of August, I had a post up which raised some doubts about whether the Italian in second place would actually get the medal?

The following piece appeared on an Italian website today...4th Sept 2014....(It's translated by Google Translate but you'll get the gist)...
The former marcher Alex Schwarzer , the doctors of the Italian Federation of Athletics Joseph Fischetto and Pierluigi Fiorella , the former manager of the technical Fidal , Rita Bottiglieri . These are investigated for doping at the conclusion of the investigation by the Prosecutor of Bolzano . Apart from the walker , the other three are accused of aiding and abetting under the law on doping. Investigators allege that the South Tyrolean champion the use of doping between February 2010 and 2012: for this reason , in all probability , will also be canceled medal of the European Championships in Barcelona, ​​assigned all'altoatesino after the disqualification of the winner Russian Emelyanov . A Schwarzer is not only challenged the use of epo , but also numerous other substances ( all made from testosterone) found in the fridge of the sample , which would be procured via the Internet. Have been withdrawn, but still remain to be evaluated, the positions of the other suspects : Francesco Conconi , director of the Center biomechanical studies applied to the sport of Ferrara , Christian Thuile , chief of complementary medicine in Merano, Michele Didoni , coach Schwarzer , and the horseman Karl Wechselberger . The investigation on them, are continuing.

It would seem as if Rob is heading for a European Silver.

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