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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Results of poll...Should Martin Fagan return to athletics?

At the start of last week, I had a post up about whether Martin Fagan should make a return to  athletics following his two year ban for using EPO, a performance enhancing drug. Someone suggested that I put up a poll which I then did.

I kept the question for the poll as bland as possible..."Should Martin Fagan make a return to athletics?"

As with any poll, the question can have a large influence on the results obtained so I didn't mention drugs, bans or anything else. Just a straight simple question.

120 people answered the poll which is large enough to give a reasonably accurate answer to the question.  I didn't bother looking at the votes until the poll had closed and I was somewhat suprised to see that the 'Yes' answer was at 71%. After reading through various forums last week, I thought it might have been around 50:50.

It would seem as if most people are willing to accept Martin Fagan at face value, acknowledge that he took EPO at a time when he said he was suffering from depression and that he served the two year ban. There are obviously others who while in a minority don't accept that taking performance enhancing drugs is ever acceptable whatever the circumstances.

The current situation as I understand it is now up to Martin Fagan. He admitted his guilt, served his two year ban and can now compete as an international athlete again if he achieves the relevant qualifying times.

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