Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Woman in Toronto runs a new record time of 2:53 for an indoor marathon

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Woman in Toronto runs a new record time of 2:53 for an indoor marathon

At an indoor marathon in Toronto last weekend, Monika Kalicinska was the first woman to finish in a time of 2:53:53. The previous fastest was 2:57:34 which was set earlier in 2013.

This was Kalincinska's second marathon having run 2:50:52 outdoors last May.

When interviewed after the event, she said that repeatedly passing runners in a tight space and the nonstandard distance of the loop among her biggest problems. "I was pretty confused. I was planning to run 48 seconds per lap but there it took me 57 to 59 seconds. I didn’t know if I was on pace. I couldn’t go too fast at the beginning, didn’t want to hit the wall. On the other hand I had to keep in mind I am going for a world record, so I can’t go too slow."

Even though they changed direction every hour, she did complain of sore calves and shins afterwards probably because of all the turns.

The first indoor marathon in Ireland is coming up in Midleton on the 22nd of February.


Gerard said...

The comments about sore calf's and shins might also be something the runners in the Middleton indoor marathon may have to be wary of.

Unknown said...

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I really enjoyed this unusual marathon, my next, third marathon is next Sun.
I am racing Cellcom Green Bay marathon-

Wish me good luck please, hoping to set new PR :)