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Monday, January 13, 2014

Event notice...Clonakilty Back to Back Marathons - Sat 15th & Sun 16th Feb 2014

2013 was the inaugural year for this event when it attracted 149 runners on the Saturday and 121 on the Sunday. The Clonakilty Back to Back Marathon is back again this year on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of February 2014.

Each Marathon can be entered separately or you can enter for both events together if you decide to try 52.4 mile over the two days. There is a quality dry fit top and a medal for each of the events.

What's the attraction of a Back to Back Marathon? For many if not most runners, they like the challenge of a particular race. In the vast majority of events, people don't take part in them to win. For most, it's the challenge of trying to run a particular time or a certain distance...i.e a personal goal. For some people who have completed one or more marathons, the challenge will be to run a faster time or a longer distance or to do two back to back.

The course itself takes in a coastal route around Rathbarry, Castlefreke, Longstrand, Ardfield with superb views out over the south coast. A lot depends of course on the weather but when I did the director's back the back and the main back to back last February, the weather was very kind. It's just a lovely part of the country for running....even if there are a few hills ;o)

The event has an AAI race permit, has been measured by Jones Counter and will have chip timing.

This is the art work for the dry fit tops with a different colour for each day...

The race website is... 

Entries close at midnight on Friday the 17th of January

Course...The course that will be used is the same as the one used for the main Clonakilty Marathon last December. The only difference really is the numbers of people. The December event is very busy with a large number of people spread out over the Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10k races. The Back to Back by it's very nature is much more relaxed. It has the atmosphere of a small road race rather than a huge event which sometimes makes a nice change.

A preview of the course with photos and maps can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Whats with the Collins and DeValera engravings on the back? A bit political...

John Desmond said...

Ref the medals, this is from the organisers...
"Having received a number of requests from our runners to have a different medal for Day 2 we have decided to redesign the second medal.

In keeping with the Irish tradition and in this era of reconciliation we have chosen General Michael Collins for Day 1 and former Irish President, Eamon de Valera for Day 2.

We will have a similar medal set next year but the people on the 2015 medal will be chosen by our runners/walkers. "

Anonymous said...

Is there a need to put any pictures on them? it's 2014 we are living in not 1922. Looks a bit tacky- actually why not put Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy on them , in keeping with the theme of reconciliation ;-)

Anyway best of luck to those taking part