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Monday, January 13, 2014

Fionnuala Britton finishes 2nd in Edinburgh International Cross Country

The Edinburgh International Cross Country was held last Saturday with Ireland's Fionnuala Britton putting in a strong finish to take second place.

The results contrast with last year where Fionnuala Britton after winning the European title for a second time went on to win in both Antrim and Edinburgh.

The current European champion Sophie Duarte from France who won in Belgrade last December could only manage 6th in Edinburgh. Gemma Steel who took silver in December, won in Edinburgh but was only 6th in Antrim. The Ethiopian Almensch Belete who now runs for Belgium won in Antrim could only manage 11th in Edinburgh.

Womens 6km...Saturday 11th January 2014
1  20:35 Gemma STEEL GBR
2  20:44 Fionnuala BRITTON EUROPE
3 20:51 Emelia GORECKA GBR
4 20:57 Sophie DUARTE EUROPE
5 20:59 Charlotte PURDUE GBR
11 21:13 Almensch BELETE EUROPE
22 21:39 Sara TREACY EUROPE
The full results of the womens 6 km race can be seen HERE

In the mens 8 km race, Michael Mulhare finished 5th and David McCarthy of West Waterford AC finished in 11th in a field of 29 finishers. 

Mens 8Km...Saturday 11th January 2014
1 34 24:11 Chris DERRICK USA
2 11 24:21 Andy VERNON GBR
3 16 24:27 Bashir ABDI EUROPE
4 39 24:28 Bobby MACK USA
5 23 24:32 Michael MULHARE EUROPE
11 26 24:49 David McCARTHY EUROPE

Team Result
 1 EUROPE 53...Bashir ABDI (3), Michael MULHARE (5), Pieter-Jan HANNES (7), Alemayehu BEZABEH (9), David McCARTHY (11) & Mohamed MARHUM (18)
2 USA 55
3 GBR 63

The results of the mens 8 km race can be seen HERE

In the shorter mens 4 km race, the one suprise perhaps was Kenenisa Bekele only managed 5th spot.

The results of the mens 4 km race is HERE

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