Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA ESB X-Country...Sun 12th Jan 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA ESB X-Country...Sun 12th Jan 2014

Conditions were pretty awful for this years Cork BHAA ESB Cross Country race in Beaumont Park in Cork City. As is often the case with Irish weather, there was blue skies and sunshine just three hours later.

1 Alex O'Shea  18:57 Cork City Council
2 Trevor Woods 0/40 19:20 UCC
3 Darren Molloy   00:19:42 Navy
20 Michelle Kenny  22:24 DEPT OF EDUCATION
22 Maura Regan 0/35 :22:31 HSE
41 Ann-Marie Hayes  24:36

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kiernan Minihane has a gallery HERE
2) Doug Minihane has a gallery HERE
3) Michael Dunne has a small gallery of five photos HERE 
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a slideshow HERE


Anonymous said...

Has anyone found black Northface hat near registration? thanks, Matt Chojan. and what a race:)

Anonymous said...

Fair play to the BHAA to go ahead and successfully run this fixture under the most atrocious weather conditions seen for some time plus of course the 100 plus runners who turned out.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness I must point out that one of the women in this race was coached all the way by a male colleague. I was running close enough behind to observe this and whilst it is openly accepted in road races it is not acceptable in cross country if he had been running outside the fences she would have been immediately disqualified so why was he allowed to do it inside the fences. This is not sour grapes just fairness and a wish to abide by the rules.

Anonymous said...

I was out supporting the race on Sunday morning as unfortunately I am still out injured myself, but that’s another story. I have been involved in athletics for longer than many and am an active supporter and coach in the world of athletics. I watched the race from start to finish and I didn’t see any coaching from the two vantage points I was crossing between. Surely I would have noticed this in a 3-lap course. What I saw were 100+ runners simply running in pure determination to finish in such miserable conditions, each trying to accomplish their own personal running goals/times and each finishing the race. An achievement in itself for many.
IF you were so concerned about this female athlete why didn’t you approach any of the officials at the end of the race - there were lots of stewards all over the field in yellow high-viz jackets? Why didn’t you contact the BHAA indoors afterwards? Why wait until now to have a rant here?
Why do people look for bad in everything. I would be delighted to be back out there amongst the runners, even if it is in such awful conditions. Every athlete deserves their placing their today and ran extremely well.

Anonymous said...

2 sides to every story.
In light of previous 2 comments Doug Minihanes photos are interesting...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the BHAA for going ahead with Sunday's 5k, while conditions were bad they still orgainised and put on a great race. I think we sometimes forget that all the people involved do so on a voluntary basis. Thanks also to the brave souls who came out to support us 'daft' runners.