Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Fota Cheetah Run 4 mile race...Thurs 16th May 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Results of the Fota Cheetah Run 4 mile race...Thurs 16th May 2013

Weather wise, it was a strange day with downpours of rain in Cork City in the afternoon and not a dro to be seen in Fota a few miles away. The wet weather eventually arrived around 7pm but cleared just in time for the race to start.

Yet again, another huge turnout  of almost 700 runners and this year, the introduction of chip timing seemed to work a treat. The only thing missing was a bit of sunshine!

1 Ben THISTLEWOOD             M     MS     (19:42)     19:42
2 James GRUFFERTY             M     MS     (19:57)     19:57
3 Tim ODONOGHUE             M     MS     (20:08)     20:08
20 Ann Marie HOLLAND             F     F35     (24:07)     24:08
30 Sinead PALEY             F     F40     (24:58)     24:59
43 Gillian COTTER             F     F35     (25:54)     25:56

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Doug Minihane has a gallery of photos HERE


The start of the race (Video by Fota Wildlife Park)

Some of the animals having their own race...(Video by Fota Wildlife Park)

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Ken Tierney said...

I am not recorded at all on the list of results.
I was number 818.

Anonymous said...

Great run yet again, the extra numbers didn't seem to make any difference. Chip timing was a nice addition which meant the results were available very quickly.

My only (very small) whinge would be there was no sandwiches or cakes afterwards only biscuits but maybe for the best as meant I only had a cup of tea & left rather than stuffing my face :)

John Desmond said...

Ken, send the chip timing company an e-mail. They should have recorded everyone finishing.... Email:

The reason there were no cakes/sandwiches was due to the sheer size of the crowd and having only a small hall available.

Anonymous said...

Lovely race, and rain even eased off for the start. Nice to have to avoid kangroos!

Anonymous said...

train option great for getting there, but when the access gate to train station was closed after the race it made gritting back a little problematic. Good event though and well organised.

Anonymous said...

Great race and well organised. Well done again EAGLE AC

bdc82 said...

great run, thanks EAGLE AC

Anonymous said...

Well done Eagle AC, great race.

Anonymous said...

Great race.Well organised and timing chips made finish line a lot easier and faster.

Anonymous said...

Great race, very well organised, good support on the course. Being an Athletic Club organised race, it would be nice to see names of Clubs in the results sheets, but this does not seem to be the case with chip timing ?

John Quigley said...

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback!

Wrt the comment on results not having the clubnames included. There is a link to a PDF file on the Eagle website. This has the clubnames included.

I know what you mean and it does seem to happen a lot with chip timed races. I call results without clubnames, and sometimes categories too, "stone age results"

The normal club/area field on the Cheetah Run entry form was not a mandatory field, so we had an additional, mandatory, field added to cover this. (Several people got round this by "N/A"...meaning that they live nowhere...LOL) Unfortunately this mandatory field was not reproduced in the results on the Precision timing website, but, as stated before, you will get it on the Eagle website.

PS a small number of people were missed in the initial results. Several have been added and I expect at least two more will be added, bringing the total finishers to 704.

Anonymous said...

1st time doing the Cheetha run and it was great. Really well organised, pat on the back for all involved