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Friday, May 24, 2013

Results of the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race...Thurs 23rd May 2013

A record entry of 613 runners turned out for this year's Ballyandreen 5 mile road race, the first race of four in the Ballycotton Summer Series. That is just 2.5% up on last year's figure of 598 but a record none the same.

 It's hard to think that just five years ago, 279 turned out.

One major improvement this year was the inclusion of starting time zones. A roped off corridor was left at the side which allowed slower runners to move around the mass of others waiting and find their correct starting position.

In previous years, there was no passage and everyone arriving late had to cram into the front, an accident just waiting to happen...
Start of the 2010 Ballyandreen race
This year, there was a lot more space. Even though there were still too many slow runners too close to the front, it was a big improvement.

In the mens race, the winner was Sean McGrath of East Cork AC in a time of 25:53. The winning team were St.Finbarrs.

Place    Time    Name    Team    Race Age Category    min/mile       
1    0:25:53    MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:10.5
2    0:26:06    MEADE, John    St. Finbarrs AC    M    05:13.1
3    0:26:09    HARTY, Michael    East Cork AC    M    05:13.7
81    0:32:06    REGAN, Maura    Eagle AC    F    06:25.1
83    0:32:07    GRANT, Karen    Midleton AC    F    06:25.3
86    0:32:14    LEONARD, Helen    Leevale AC    F40    06:26.7

Winner of the womens race...Maura Regan of Eagle AC
The womens race was a much closer affair with the result only being decided in the last 100 metres. With a mile to go, the top three women were trading places with each other and in the end, only eight seconds separated them.

The winner was Maura Regan of Eagle Athletic Club in a time of 32:06, just passing Karen Grant of Midleton in the closing stretch.

The winning womens team was also from Eagle AC...Maura Regan (32:06), Annmarie Power (32:31) and Caroline Kilty (33:26).

The full results can be seen HERE

The next race in the Ballycotton Summer Series is the Shanagarry 5 mile on the 27th of June.

Comments.........What did you think of this year's race? Was the start better? How did it compare to last year?


Anonymous said...

I really thought the time zones were brilliant. Last year it took me ages to get to the start line and lots of weaving around slower runners for the first mile or so. This year was very easy to find a good starting point in the crowd.

As always very well organised race by BallyCotton running promotions.

Ger Browne said...

Just finished Ballyandreen for the first time. Tough but very enjoyable. As always the volunteers, stewards etc amaze me. Thanks for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

All good at the start line and the finish, but what was the steward at the gate for parking doing.
You can't put 300 cars into a field and then give right of way to everything else on the road. Longer to get the car from the field than to run the race. Cmon.....
The roped off time zone worked well.

Anonymous said...

Great race and very well organised once again by John Walshe and team in Ballycotton Runnisupposed ng Promotions. Well done to all - take a bow.

Anonymous said...

While the time zones did improve things a bit at the start, it is way too narrow and very difficult to make any progress until you reach the main road. Still quite a few slower runners up the front.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this race. The roped off area at the start is a brilliant idea. The scenery is spectacular and 'the beast' is a good challenge. There were still too many slow runners in the wrong time zones but there's nothing the organisers can do about that.

Shane said...

I also think a word of mention to the man who
Donated his kitchen post race for tea/coffee and biscuits. Great chat with mother and her sister dishing out the hot drinks. I'm bowled over by the generosity of these people. Amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Shane said that was really nice going into someone house for a cuppa afterwards,pure Irish Thank you,not wishing to turn the mood sour on a very well organised race given the numbers space price etc but the Few runners who finished earlier and were walking back to the car park that displayed absolutely no regard for other slower runners still out on the course by walking on the right hand side of the road going up the hill,no fair come on this is how people get injured particularly on a course with such a fast finish as this,I saw three incidents one in particular where a runner crossed the road to the refreshment house with out looking and actually collided with a runner as a stewart was shouting at them to look up.I'm sure none of it was intensional so please just be aware of it for the next time.
Thank you to all organisers and heres to the next one

Anonymous said...

Great weather, great race. Thanks to all the stewards etc. Rope at start a great idea as was the zoned starting. I really think most people genuinely do try to find their correct starting zone. The numbers alone and the narrow start means that everyone bar the very first runners will be slightly held up. Isn't it better to see people out running and enjoying the evening than worrying about a few seconds difference on your overall time? Again, thanks and well done to all.

Anonymous said...

About ''there's always one'' that person that was in a great hurry to leave the field should 'just for once give up their free time to see whats it like to help out in these events, I for one along with many others say THANKS to all those that help at these events to insure we runners get to and fro safely. Stay at home next time person. Paula

Anonymous said...

Very nice scenic race and very well organised, just one downside that I come there was no clock at the finish line?

Anonymous said...

Am amazed that so many people were able to find the place. The directions were only put up on the day so I didn't see them so I had to ask around and dig out the OS map of the area (though I appreciate all the work is voluntary, so I shouldn't complain!).

Great that the race was €5 as all these races add up.

Brilliant once more that you can register the day before -it takes a lot of pressure off. Well done to all the volunteers and organisers. And just to balance out my earlier comment, thanks too to the people who run corkrunning blogspot as well as it is a fantastic source of information -fair play.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that so many people were able to find the place. The only Ballyandreen I could find on Google Maps was out near Tower, so I had to ask around and also dig out the OS map of the area (eventually found it!). I appreciate the directions went up on this site yesterday, but it was too late for me to see it (again I understand that this (fantastic) site is voluntary etc).

Having registration available on the day before was (again) brilliant and really takes the pressur off when trying to get there and trying to find the exact location. Also, having a race for €5 was terrific too, as all the races fees add up.

Well done to the organisers and all the volunteers. Thanks Guys!

Anonymous said...

Great race and the rope idea was excellent. The wind made the race very interesting> Any photos? they might tell to who was working hardest? Thanks for the cuppa too!

Anonymous said...

a thoroughly enjoyable experience, great atmosphere and camaraderie on a lovely summer's evening by the sea. Had to laugh at the 2 women warming up on the hill before the start line , one of whom suddenly stopped and said "feck it, we'll be doing enough running in a minute when the race starts!" Brilliant

Anonymous said...

would the ballycotton series be considered tougher courses than the midleton 5.

Anonymous said...

any photos of the race