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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preview of the Doneraile Park 5 km race...Fri 31st May 2013

This 5k race in Doneraile in North Cork is the first race of 7 in the Ballyhoura Cork Road Race Series. While it's described as a trail race, it is in reality mostly on narrow roads and paths within Doneraile Park. It would be wrong to think that it's some sort of cross country race and that you need to run through mud or long grass.

Doneraile is located just to the north-east of Mallow so access is very easy from the N20 Cork to Limerick road.

If you are coming from say South Tipperary, then it's just off the N73 Mitchelstown to Mallow road.

Sign-on for the race is at the Doneraile Community Centre. This is right alongside the RC church in the south of the town.

Intructions from the organisers..Mallow AC... 
Registration will be in Doneraile community centre from 6.30pm.  Close at 7.50. Race starts at 8pm sharp. Entry fee 5 euro. 

Park gates close at 8pm. Do not park inside the park as your car will be locked in overnight.

No earphones allowed.

Doneraile Park is a beautiful venue for your supporting friends and family to enjoy on the evening. There is a great childrens playground in the park which is open until 7:30pm.

The race starts at 8pm just inside the park.

The 5km course is on small roads and trails with the grounds of the park. You should treat this the same as you would an ordinary road race...i.e. wear your normal running shoes. The only thing you may need to watch out for is exposed roots but again, theses are a minor affair. There are a few pulls out along the course but they're small. Expect to set a reasonably fast time.

Full preview.....A full preview of the course with photos can be seen HERE

As for Doneraile Park itself, it really is a lovely spot. It's basically an old country estate and is now a grassland park with some small forested areas. If you have never been here before then you soon see that Doneraile Park is really an outstanding spot, especially if the sun is shining.

Overall...Doneraile is a stunning spot for a race. If you are taking part in the Cork City Marathon or Half-Marathon next Monday then it would be best to use it as an easy slow run. Great race to kick off the series.

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