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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Last call for overseas entrants for the Ballycotton 10 mile road race...

For anyone living in the UK, the closing date for entries to the 2013 Ballycotton 10 mile road race is next Tuesday, the 8th of January 2013.
Direct flights to Cork from the UK
As can be seen from the map above, there is a wide selection of flights from various parts of the UK to Cork airport. It might be a viable option for a small group that want to fly over for the weekend, rent a car for the weekend and do the race.

Info for UK visitors.....The Ballycotton 10 mile road race is one of the largest road race in Ireland. It sells out early every year but a special window is left open for anyone outside the island of Ireland to enter. Entries must arrive by post before next Tuesday, the 8th of January.

The 2013 Ballycotton 10 entry form can be seem HERE

Ballycotton village itself is about 25 miles from Cork airport. There should be plenty of accommodation available in Cork City, Midleton or near Ballycotton itself.

It had been hoped that the organisers would have an updated entry list sometime before Christmas. I would guess that at this stage, they are more likely to wait until the last of the overseas entries come in and update it then. If it's anything like last year then the full list should online be in mid-January.


Gerard said...

Surely it is discriminatory to leave a window open for non irish residents ?

John Desmond said...

I presume it may be because the post may be delayed somewhat.

Considering that they also bring more money into the local economy then the more the better.

jpc said...

Dear Gearoid

Re non Irish Residents entries,I wish i was as lucky as you to have the option to stay in our beloved Ireland.. i gave 21 years to our Irish Defence Forces the happiest time of my life..yet life gave me no choice but to seek work and a life overseas like many before me..being given the previlige of "an overseas" entry to run in Ballycotton is the high light of each year for me..i have ran Ballycotton many times as an "Irish citizen" when i lived at home in Ireland..We would all love to return home a chara
John Patrick Corbett
Irish citizen "overseas"

Lev Yashin's Ghost said...

A gathering then...John Patrick for president...Welcome home...

Gerard said...

Dear John,
you seem to be making a lot of assumptions about my circumstances. Not sure why Overseas cant apply at same time as locals !

jpc said...

Hi Gearoid :)

Apoligies re any assumptions..i did apply at the same time as locals,
I am just simply happy to be able to travel home,to see my family and run Ballycotton in such peacefull beautifull surroundings and meet good friends that i have met in Ballycotton,Ballincollig cross country races etc over the years and my comrades in collins barracks cork.
Re Lev Yashins ghost! i think our Michael D will be President for a While yet :) ha ha ha thank you though re welcome home,i cant wait to be home..I believe they sell Guinness there also! :)
Rolla ar Marta
Country Club Overseas