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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Results of the Cork BHAA Cross Country...Sun 13th Jan 2013

The Cork BHAA season got off to a start with their annual Cross Country race in Beaumont Park in Cork City. The mens race was won by John Meade and the womens race by Aisling Moran. A total of 137 runners took part, down a bit on last year's figure of 160.

1) Doug Minihane has his usual crop of excellent photos HERE

Position Name Company Cateogry Time
2 ALAN WHITAKER UCC 0/40A 00:17:59
3 RORY O'SULLIVAN Clarke Level Construction 00:18:07
38 MARY SWEENEY FIT 4 LIFE 0/50K 00:21:43 

The full results are HERE

Photo courtesy of Doug Minihane


Anonymous said...

Nothing against this race or BHAA but seems strange many would run this race instead of running for their respective counties in the Munster cross country?

Anonymous said...

I second that. Considering that there isn't a huge amount of cross country races options out there for athletes was it really necessary that they clashed?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is fair that the BHAA runs this Cross Country race the same day as the Munster Senior Cross Country Championships!!! There are plenty more Sundays!!

John Desmond said...

In fairness to the BHAA, the vast majority of the people at their race yesterday were never going to take part in the Munster Senior Cross Country.

If some of the faster runners chose not to travel to Limerick then that's their choice, no point blaming the BHAA for it.

Anonymous said...

Might be a silly question but is this route open all year round for training runs? It would be nice to get off the roads for a bit!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the runners decided to do a race at their backdoor rather than traveling two hours up to Limerick.

Why are these Munster races rarely held in Cork. Munster Novice, Intermediate, Senior and Masters where held outside Cork in 12/13.

As for the comment on not having many cross country races some of the people at the top of the field also have to do the Irish Intermediate and Masters Cross country in Derry.

John Desmond said...

Beaumont Park is a public park. It's fine for very short runs but it's a bit limited due to it's small size.

Anonymous said...

No Cork runner in the Munster Senior Cross Country Women yesterday, they were not in Beaumont, so where were they., one would think that if a club was placed first or second in the Cork Championships their next progression would be to the Munsters. Few if any of the top men in Beaumont would have made the scoring 6 on the Cork team in the Munsters. The rationale of the formation of the BHAA over 30 years ago was to cater for the ordinary inter firm middle of the road runner, not for the top athletes and I think they have done a very good job down the years.

Anonymous said...

Leevale won county seniors with all the big guns and some I never heard of and then I'm sure only 1 Leevale athlete competed in the Munster seniors, what's that about?