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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Race notice...Carrigaline 5 mile road race - Sun 17th Feb 2013

This 5 mile road race is coming up in Carrigaline on Sunday, the 17th of February at 11am. Coming two weeks before the Ballycotton '10', it is ideally placed as a test run to check your fitness level  before the big day itself.

The town of Carrigaline is only five miles south of the South Ring Road so it is within easy reach of Cork City. The entry fee is €10 and the organising club Eagle AC will be taking pre-registrations online HERE if you want to avoid the queues on the day. Please note that entering online is €10, there are no extra handling charges or hidden commissions.

The race is sponsored by The Edge Sports Shop and they will be giving out 20% discount vouchers to all runners on the day. Obviously, the discount may well exceed the cost of the race entry so it might be worth doing for this reason alone.

The other co-sponsor is Pepsico Ireland which is a major employer in the area with it's plant located just east of the town.

Route Preview.........A preview of the course can be seen HERE

More details as we get closer to the date...


Anonymous said...

surprised to see a club like eagle not giving the full range of vet prizes when a high percentage of runners are veterans

John Quigley said...

Re: First comment. Don't worry, the full range will be on offer. Eagle AC has always presented a far wider range of prizes than the Club has advertised, including both the number of prizes in each category and also the range of categories on offer.

In addition, Eagle has always presented a significant number of spot prizes in Carrigaline.

This year will be no different!

Thanks for raising the's one thing for us to know what we're going to's another for everyone else to realise that! In all liklihood, we'll amend the flyer to reflect this.

...and I hope everyone noticed that, as always, we are donating a euro from each entry to Carrigaline Meals on Wheels, but this year, we are also donating matching amount to Carrigaline Foroige, who are based in the Race HQ.

John Quigley,
Chairman, Eagle AC

Paudie said...

Love this race. Great test before Ballycotton. Will miss it this year.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderng if walkers are able to attend!

Anonymous said...

Re walkers. Unfortunately there is no walking event. We will have no stewarding in place to accommodate walkers this year but we'll bear it in mind for next year.

Denis Looney
Race Director