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Monday, January 07, 2013

BBC Podcast on exercise, food and alcohol...

In a series of three programmes for BBC Radio 4, Dr. Michael Mosley looked at the UK governments advice on Exercise, Food and Alcohol.

In the first part of the podcast (00:00-20:00), Dr.Mosley looks at the subject of exercise and how much is enough? In a BBC Horizon programme last year, it was shown that 3 minutes of intense exercise spread throughout the week delivered many of the health benefits of regular exercise. What it also showed was that people that stayed inactive for large portions of the day...e.g. office workers...were also the group most likely to be at risk.

In the second part of the podcast (22:00-44:00), they look at recommended daily level of fruit and veg and what it means. This might be of interest to anyone wishing to maintain a healthy diet.

In the final part (44:00-70:00), Dr.Mosley looks at the subject of alcohol and how much is too much. Not only can excessive drinking lead to various diseases in later life but as this news item shows, many people don't realise that there are a lot of calories in alclhol which can in turn lead to obesity issues.

The podcast can be heard HERE until the start of February 2013.

Background to the series on the BBC website.

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