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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Results of the Great Railway Run...Sun 11th Nov 2012

This was the inaugural running of this unique event which consisted of a 25 km race from Cork City to Carrigaline and a 10k race from Monkstown to Carrigaline.

The 25k race attracted 123 runners......
Pos Cat Pos Race No Name Time Category Gender Gen Pos
1    1    70    Simon MANGAN     01:36:36    Open    Male    1
2    2    129    Cathal Mccarthy     01:38:13    Open    Male    2
3    1    59    Joe CUNNINGHAM     01:38:56    40-49    Male    3
4    2    49    Colin O'HERLIHY     01:40:16    40-49    Male    4
5    3    96    Pat O'CONNOR     01:40:25    40-49    Male    5
18    1    121    Joyce Wolfe     01:50:11    Open    Female    1
23    1    110    Una PLANET     01:52:13    40-49    Female    2
24    2    50    Joan ENNIS     01:52:44    40-49    Female    3
28    3    34    Orla O ROURKE     01:54:37    40-49    Female    4
37    4    15    Mary BUCKLEY     02:01:57    40-49    Female    5

The 10k race got a slightly larger number with 151 taking part.....
Pos Cat Pos Race No Name Time Category Gender Gen Pos
1    1    647    Paul Gibbons     00:38:22    Individual    Male    1
2    2    652    Ronan BOLAND     00:39:04    Individual    Male    2
3    3    656    John KELLY     00:41:38    Individual    Male    3
6    1    571    Sheila CRONIN     00:42:10    Individual    Female    1
24    2    526    Alice O'CONNOR     00:46:59    Individual    Female    2
25    3    539    Jane PEETERSOO     00:47:38    Individual    Female    3

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Photos of the start of the 25k race HERE

Comments......???............Did you take part in either event? What did you think of it? The course? Organisation? Race overall?


Anonymous said...

I ran the 25k, i found the organisation of the race disappointing, the course at times was dangerous, car and people traffic was chaotic. there was no mile markers. The meddles and t-shirts were a joke, particularly with an entrance cost of 45euro. I would never run this race again unless there is a vast improvement across the board. I did find how the water was dispensed a good and novel idea.

Anonymous said...

I ran the 10k and really enjoyed it. Looking at the results I was given a time 5 seconds slower than I recorded on my Garmin. Did they use the race time or chip time for the results?

Cian Mac said...

I ran the 25k also.

Neg points: bus arrived late.

Time should be earlier like Cork to Cobh to avoid people walking & cycling railway line and also traffic.

No water at finishing line

Medal quality disappointing

Top could be printed better

Positive points: Great course

Water stations very good & good idea with straws & lids.

Food, massages, goody bag fantastic

Timing chip very good

Anonymous said...

I ran 10k and thought it was an excellent event which i thourough enjoyed. I would go as far as to say that it was one of the best races I've ever entered. The course was good, quite flat and lined with plenty of stewards who managed whatever little traffic there was perfectly. The homemade soup and sandwiches afterwards topped off what was a brilliant day. I was also greatful for the free physio rub down on offer after the race. Many thanks to all those who organised such a great day. The prizes and goodie bags were also fantastic.I will definitely be back next year.

Ali O'Connor

Geraldine said...

I ran this race to discover that my placing is not recorded.....did feel I was f50 winner as most females ahead were young!!!!!
Not very happy as I travelled from West Cork.
Overall 3 top places were also mixed up until Joan Ennis put things right

Anonymous said...

no mile markers? really?

Anonymous said...

Its a pity such a fantastic course was let down by some poor organisation with the cost of the 25k race way off the mark and no water at the finish line and the bus back into the city taking an eternity to leave. I'm tired of getting cheap medals and tshirts......please have these as an option with an extra charge.

Unknown said...

Very good event overall as this was the first time it had taken place. Hopefully my feedback will further help make this a year on year success:

Areas to improve:
Timing of bus transfers - left around in the cold for a long time at the beginning
Pedestrian tradffic - encounted a lot of pedestrians with dogs on leashes that made no effort to get out of the way for runners. Very frustrating.
Road traffic - some points along the route were slightly dangerous where there were no footpaths.
Water - very difficult to drink out of the cups as the water spills everywhere. Should consider using small bottles.
Food station - although the distance is short, might be a good idea to include a food station around monks town, I.e. bananas, buscuits
Price - might attract a bigger membership if the price was dropped to €35

Areas deserving of recognition:
Marshalling - there were plenty marshals along the way which showed the immense amount of voluntary support. Some could be more active in alerting the pedestrians of oncoming runners.
Route - most of the route is along the waterfront which makes the race very enjoyable
Race pack - the tee shirt at he end is something I will wear again in the future
Timing chips - good idea having them part of the race number
Food at the end - there was plenty of food for the hungry athletes at the end. Should consider moving the water station to the endline as I was dying for a drink after crossing the line.
Timing of year - there are not too many events at this time of year. With clonakilty approaching in a few weeks time, this served as a good means of preparation.

Considering this was the first event of hopefully many to come, everyone involved in the arrangements deserve great credit. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Ran the 10k. A few comments. Nice course. Plenty of stewards and very little traffic. No mile markers was an issue for pacing in the first half of race. Kilometer markers at 5k, 7k, 8k, 9k but i think most people are used to miles. plenty of drinks and food in the gaa club. physio and bit of music were a nice touch. medals were really poor and would have better not to have any at all. Why no age categories for the 10k.. overall enjoyable and would do the 10k again but would not pay the entry fee for the 25k

GearoidMC said...

Highly enjoyable course and race experience.I would agree that there were quite a few people walking/cycling on parts of course but this is the tradeoff for a flat scenic route and an afternoon starting time.I found the walkers/cyclists more than willing to move over and accommodate us and a few of them even cheered us on.
Liked the idea of the water with the straws and caps.
Regarding no water at the finish there were loads of sports drinks so it wasn't as though there was nothing at all.
I was also impressed with the president of the Lions club congratulating people with a handshake at the end and asking how people enjoyed it....nice touch.

The negatives for me and points for the organisers to consider:

Bus did not leave until after the prize giving which personally resulted in not getting back to my car for at least an hour and 45 mins after the race by which time I was beginnning to get a little cool and stiff.Suggest doing a few runs of the bus as not everyone is interested in sticking around for the prizes (did avail of the fine spread whilst waiting around though).

Unusual and more an issue for than the organisers but despite having my number prominent and stepping on all the mats, my time was not recorded in the official results.

As a first running of the race the positives far outweigh these minor issues.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed with one aspect only.
The race map on the website showed us going up by Raffeen towards the Shamrock bar. My nieces live on this road and had made major efforts with jellies for all and posters etc.
In the event we went straight on at that turn.
They missed the race and I only saw them at the end. A small matter I know but important for kids.

Conor Phelan said...

Thanks for all the comments and they will all be considered when reviewing this event with a view to improving it further. We will also be contacting a selection of participants for their views. Notwithstanding some small issues we received overwhelmingly positive feedback today and I am sure it will be run again next year. Thanks to all the runners who ran and volunteered. And in answer to the query race time was used for the results.

Anonymous said...

Ran the 10k. What a great route and well organised event. Plenty water! And great value for money. Fantastic goodie bag. Honestly, for chip timing, t-shirt and what was in the goody bag, fair play!! And of course, thanks to all who helped organise the event. Thoroughly enjoyed the tae and sandwiches at the end! I will be back next year for sure!

Anonymous said...

From the outside looking in... (i.e. Didn't take part but did watch a part of the race..)
Pricing is well documented. I also thought it was expensive - so much so that it was the first thing that most people I spoke to during the week mentioned.
Personally I think it needs an earlier start to avoid traffic and pedestrians. The walkway in Mahon was quite busy - a 9 or 9.30 start would be far better IMO as there's a farmers market in Blackrock village to negotiate as well.
The course itself seems excellent and it is a great idea for a race. Scheduling it for a different time of year is always going to be a problem with so many races earlier on.
Hopefully it will grow as the idea is certainly good with loads of positives but the negatives need to be ironed out as well.
Best of luck with it in the future..

Anonymous said...

I have zero disposal income. I pay €45 for a 25k run (as a treat to myself). I'm aware it's for charity so i decide to run this rece however expensive it is! I discover the race organisers have decided not to put km or mile markers on route! Perhaps people who can afford €45 for a 25k run all have GPS watches, I however dont have one...... Solution for me please ? Why did the people in yellow yests prioritise cars over runners ? Why did people in yellow yests not know the distance covered at water stations (I asked because I dont have a GPS watch but I was laughed at)????? Is this strange question ? I'm really wondering why this race was run ??? It's clear ZERO thought was put into it .... Why charge €45 for this privilege ?? I'll never run this race again. Ps I am involved in the lions club org.

Anonymous said...

To the race organisers...As one other poster mentioned, this race comes at a very good time on the calendar year as there is very little other races on and has the potential to attract a large number of runners. However, I did not enter for a couple of reasons - 1. THE COST. 45euro is way too much to charge for a race that is not even established. 30 euro should be the max to charge for thid type of race and should also be at a price point that will attract a much larger croud. You can forget the medals and goody bags if needs be...A T-shirt would suffice.

I hope you take on some/all of the comments above and all the best in future events!

Anonymous said...

It was clearly stated that water stations were every 4k, markers at 5,10,15 & 20k, also 3,2,1 at end. Great race, plenty of refreshments and rub down at end. Plenty of marshals and Weather was great. Medal and shirt could do with a little imorovement. But well done to all.

Anonymous said...

Getting knocked over by a car Conor Phelan is not a small issue! Obviously the 10k was far better value for money, I also believe anyone who thought the t-shirts and meddles were fabulous have never ran in a well organised race before. I hope that next time the race is run, that all these valid points from everybody are taken on board. I hope it is run again as this could turn out to be a great event, due to the amazing scenery.

Anonymous said...

Did the 25k run yesterday & really enjoyed it probably helped by the great weather on the day. Pricey race for sure, medals aren't needed I think so could be dropped to save cash. Full marks for the food afterwards & the shower facilities much appreciated.

5k markers were pretty clear plus the final 3k also, no shortage of water stations.

Only negative point is that the bus back to Cork left with no warning despite the announcer telling us it would wait 'til after the awards. Luckily they were able to arrange lifts otherwise it would have been awkward.

Colin O'Herlihy said...

Some of the comments regarding the organisation seem quite harsh, I thought it was very well stewarded and organised, considering the huge task involved in marshalling a 25K race on open public roads and the busy Blackrock walkway. It was a flat, fast course, with chip timing, a technical t-shirt, goody bag, hot showers and a great spread afterwards, with a great atmosphere in the hall. My only gripe would be the need for water at the finish line and I agree with a couple of posters, it would probably make life easier for all involved if the races started much earlier in the morning. I certainly will be back next year. Well done to Carrigaline Road Runners AC and the Carrigaline Lions Club for all the work they put into the event, and I hope it goes from strength to strength for them.

Ted said...

I ran the first 15K of the relay and enjoyed it as it was really nice run. My wife ran the second leg and unfortunately her race time was not recorded but once we enquired it was available first thing this morning - so fair dues on the quick response.
In general I felt it was well organised but would agree an earlier start time and a lower price for the 25K would make it more popular.
It would be great to see it run again next year.

Anonymous said...

Ran the 10K race yesterday, was watching out for mile/km markers to try and track my progress however did not get to one until the half way mark.
The bus from Carrigaline to Monkstown was great when we arrived to collect the numbers there was a small line waiting and it was near the start time, if there was a larger number I dont think they would have been catered for by the start time (something to consider next year) also just the one toilet.
The stewarding was very good, and found that the runners were given priority.
I have to say the medals were very poor, the tops design etc was also poor, and the fact that only 6 prises in total were awarded in the 10K race is below par.
I will not be rushing to enter the race next year, will be interested in how the organisers take on board the comments for next year.

Ciaran said...

I ran the 25k and I was very impressed with how well it was organized. The route itself was very scenic and the miles flew by. Water stations were frequent and there were plenty of stewards giving a hand throughout. The majority of runners I spoke to afterwards were very positive about it. It's a race I will definitely do again.

Anonymous said...

Completed the 10km race and really enjoyed the course and the event.

Three things that would really have to change for me to do it again next year

1 Start Time - 1pm start was too late. Why not earlier in the day

2 Toilet facilities at the start was really poor. One portaloo was insufficient

3 The quality of the medal at the end was actually a joke to the runner's and the people who paid good money and turned up. None would have been better than the one that was handed out

Conor Phelan said...

Some interesting comments;-
Cathal, did the bus get you in too early or were you waiting too long to board it? Water as presented with the lids was very popular (although one station didn't put lids on). Race map was indeed incorrect for a period although it was corrected a few days prior to the event- apologies to the kids. We were glad to be able to take that hill out of it..Neither cars nor runners had priority- it is shared roadspace and of course this is an inherent problem of running a race on an open road. The marshals job was to make it safer for all. The comment by anonymous of someone being "run over" is news to me, the chief marshal and the Order of Malta and i would like further details . More small buses back to Cork/Monkstown would be in order next time. Demand was greater than expected. Its amazing how different people running the same race have such individually different experiences . some had no problems with traffic, pedestrians others say chaotic, (I know the Gardai were very impressed with the organisation and stewarding)some liked the late start, most I think would prefer earlier start. Many will definitely be back, some never

Anonymous said...

I have many 10ks under my belt and can honestly say this was well organised. Yes, I am one of those who thought the goodie bag was fantastic. Beats getting a cotton t-shirt any day! Bear in mind, this was a charity event, so anything we got was a bonus!
For those who thought €45 was too expensive, why did u pay it?
It was my 1st race with no road markings! Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I quite enjoyed not knowing!
Wishing the Great Railway Run future success, love from WEST CORK!
C ye all next year. X

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a well organised event and I have ran plenty of local races of all distances, admittedly there were some 'first run' teething problems to overcome but I am sure they will be looked into.

I thought the stewarding was good and in most cases that I saw the stewards made priority for the runners but I am sure it is a difficult job on busy roads.

Loved the route and I think Conor and the rest of the team did a good job on the whole, with them even giving people spins to places in their own cars if they were stuck.

Not sure about it being a totally flat course though :) on that stretch out of the back of Monkstown and up to Shanbally and through to Carrigaline there were some testing little drags. Or I need more training in the legs maybe ;)

Great first effort and I for one will be back next year.

Anonymous said...

Well done on a great race. I don't know why people are complaining so much! So 45 is a bit steep but it's mostly going to local charities isn't it? Anyone complaing about lack of mile markers should maybe have a look at the map before you do a race, it's not very hard to 'guestimate', and how accurate do you need to be, I mean how much will it hinder your progress??
My issues concerned the paper cup for the water. Small plastic bottles are perfect but paper cups are ok, i.e. I didn't pass out from dehydration.
My other issue is with runners who on a public road with traffic coming from behind, insist on running two or three abrest. This to me is total ignorance and doesn't help with the support from locals. As is the total ignorance of some people(particularly middle aged women),not recognising the fact that there's a race on and they take up the whole pathway (from rochestown to passage).. most people, however were very supportive.
My thanks go to the organisers and volunteers.
The soup was savage! Sandwiches were great. Goodies were good. I didn't use a bus so cant comment. I ultimately enjoyed the day, came away happy as can be, (having finished in top 20, and beaten the fastest woman, always a minor personal goal :-) ), so I'll be back nesxt year if they'll have me.

Anonymous said...

I ran the 25k and overall thought it was well organised, however no water at the finish line was a problem and it was hard to locate in the packed hall when I arrived. ( I was in the back of the pack)Please look after those who arrive at the end! Hope to be back next year!