Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Update on Ballycotton '10' Entries...Fri 30th Nov 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Update on Ballycotton '10' Entries...Fri 30th Nov 2012

See which category you are in below and take note...

SAE Option........All of the entry forms that were applied for by SAE during the month of November will be posted out today. These should arrive by post next Monday and these should be filled out, signed and returned by post as soon as possible. The entry fee is €15. You should post this on Monday afternoon or on Tuesday morning/afternoon at the latest. Postal entries close on Wednesday so there is no point posting entries then!

Remember that those using the SAE option have to use the printed form that is sent out. No photocopies are allowed.

Please note that if you applied for a batch of entry forms and you are sending back a batch, there is no need for separate postal orders or cheques! Just make it out to the combined amount. This reduces the workload for the organisers.

Members of Athletic Clubs (registered with Athletics Ireland), those that have done all 4 of the Ballycotton Summer Series races and those living outside the island of Ireland......Do nothing! Just wait until the entry forms appear online towards the end of next week. You will be the only ones that can use those and you have plenty of time to get your entry in.

Non SAE / Non-Club runners......You are going to have to wait until Thursday the 6th when they will announce when the online entries will open. There is an initial limit of 2,500 entries and those using the SAE option will take up a huge proportion of this. It is VERY likely that many of you who are looking to enter online will be disappointed. Even though the entry procedure has changed somewhat this year, the simple fact still remains that demand far outstrips the number of places available.

The full entry procedure can be seen HERE

This note is from Ballycotton Running Promotions...
1) All forms applied for have been posted out today, Friday the 30th of November. Those received back by Wednesday's post (December 5th) will be accepted. Entry fee is €15 and more than one entry can be put in the same envelope and paid for with the same cheque/postal order. Also, remember to detach the right hand section and not to staple cheque and form together.

2) By Wednesday, we will have a fair idea of how many online entries will be available and the day/time when online entries open will be published well in advance.

3) There is no need for anyone who is a member of an AAI club (or ran the Ballycotton Summer Series) to enter immediately - they can wait until the 2,500 number has been reached. The closing date for AAI members (and Summer Series) is Tuesday December 18th and those living overseas have until Tuesday January 8th.


Anonymous said...

Entry form arrived this morning as expected so dropped it in a post box on the way to work, worked last year so hopefully will again. said...

Colm an annual aspiring entrant left me a 15 euro P.O. for his entry. He told me to get the form on line and post it to BRP at Ballycotton on Dec 6th. What now?

John Desmond said...

If Colm is a member of an athletics club or has done the four Summer series races then download the entry form on Sat/Sun and send it in.

If Colm is a non-club runner then his only option is to enter online today from 2pm.